Counting Down to Spring and Cookie Butter Cookies

Oh what a tease yesterday was warming up to over 40 degrees! Now, I'm wishing time away to get us to spring and melt all this white stuff that is still hanging around! Today its back below freezing and I'm sitting here feeling a bit too chilled at the moment. I need to go sit under a blanket on the couch!

As I've been known to do, regardless of the weather, I baked cookies over the weekend.  I even went so far as to bake two different kinds to appeal to the various tastes in my house. One thing that I've heard complaints about is that I make my cookies too small... so, the last couple of weekends, I've been making them bigger and the world is happier for my family as a result.

Seems that my portion control ideas don't go over so well with the men in my house. Oh well... they do bake up so nice and don't require as many baking sheets when I make them bigger. So, there is an up-side to it, right?

The first batch I made was an old favorite, Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I've been making them forever (at least it feels that way) because they are quick and easy and I love that they keep that soft, cake texture even after a few days in a sealed container.

Fresh baked cream cheese chocolate chip cookies. #cookies #baking #sweettooth
Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other cookie recipe I made comes from Averie Cooks - Soft Batch Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookies.  That is a mouth full of a title, but you will want to bake these cookies up as soon as you can!

They have the soft, cakey texture I love and it made great use of that incredibly, hard-to-resist Speculoos Cookie Butter I bought at Trader Joe's!  The recipe calls for quite a lot of vanilla so, don't skimp!  Also, as much as I hate having to refrigerate cookie dough, I followed Averie's instructions and did chill for at least 3 hours... the cookies baked up perfectly!

As I made them exactly at the recipe was written, I recommend visiting Averie's site (link above) and printing off the recipe at your first opportunity.

One last batch of cookies today! Soft cookie butter cookies. #baking #cookies #sweettooth
Soft Batch Cookie Butter Brown Sugar Cookies

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