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Gluten Free Granola Bars

O As an Amazon Associate, I earn from any qualifying purchase when you choose to use the links in my post.  One of the convenience foods we used to always keep on hand were packaged granola bars. Unfortunately, our favorites had gluten in them which made them off limits since late 2020. When looking for replacements, there are a number of options that are tasty, but not only are they a bit expensive they are also sometimes hard to find.  I began working my way through the America's Test Kitchen: How Can it be Gluten Free cookbook. This is a great starter cookbook to get comfortable with gluten free cooking and baking. I appreciate the additional detail they provide on how they determined the best way to create a recipe. That being said, I've found with the recipe I''m sharing today, that I accidentally skipped a step and, when I tried it the "correct" way, I liked it better with the skipped step.  My version has been approved by college-age rock climbers and m

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