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Passover is in just a few more days!  Are you ready?  Have you planned your Seder meal yet?  I've been planning our meals for the coming week for a little while, but since we tend to enjoy some dishes every year I don't have to start over... it's just making sure I purchase everything ahead of time!

Check out some of our favorite dishes to enjoy either at Seder or during the week of Passover:

Every year, I make sure I have a few extra boxes of Matzah so that we can enjoy Matzahbrei - we prefer ours savory.


Our Seder has become a traditional meal (for us) that always includes Spinach Pie - the first recipe My Husband's aunt gave to me after we got engaged.  It's now a favorite of Our Oldest as well.

spinach pie

I shared another favorite side dish we enjoy, Carrot SoufflĂ©,  last fall... and, it wouldn't be the same if we didn't have a couple of dishes of this on the table... especially, since there are a few people who are always looking to take some of the leftovers home with them!


No Passover is complete without Matzah Buttercrunch... a decadent way to enjoy matzah!

Matzo Buttercrunch-2

Beyond Seder, there are several more days of tasty eating to enjoy!  I'll be making Chopped Herring so that we can top our matzah with it for breakfast or a quick snack later in the day.


These are just some of our favorite recipes to enjoy during Passover.  I hope to share more of them this year so that I can have them all in one place.


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