Banana Snacking Cake (or is it really Banana Bread?)

I've made many different banana bread recipes over the last few years... there was Browned Butter Banana Bread, Orangey Banana Bread, Raspberry Banana Bread, The Cooking Light "Mom's" Banana Bread, Strawberry Banana Bread... just to name a few!  You would think I'd stop trying new recipes by now... but, that's where you are wrong!

I found a recipe in a recent issue of Cooking Light that I just had to try.  It was called Banana Snacking Cake (click on the link for the recipe name for the recipe), and since I always have brown bananas hanging around I figured I'd put it to the test.  The recipe was very simple to put together and baked up beautifully.
The cake stayed nice and moist even a few days later.  I had My Oldest who happens to be the banana bread connoisseur try it.  He thoroughly enjoyed it and even asked that I make it again with some other add-ins... maybe blueberries next time... or even chocolate chips.  I think this recipe will lend itself well to variation.

While this was a tasty recipe, calling it cake could be debatable.  It's baked in a square pan so yes, it looks like  a cake, but it really tastes like another solid banana bread recipe.  Truly it makes no difference what you call it because it is a moist, delicious cake.

I guess this will be my current go-to recipe for using those brown bananas that gather on my counter each week... at least until I find the next banana bread that I need to sample!

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Absolutely gorgeous shots of this ....nice presentation!
Hi, Patsy! I like what you're doing with your blog! And I know what you mean about this recipe, "Or is it really banana bread?" I have a banana cake recipe too, and to me, it was still a banana bread. Either way---both are yummy! Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Shelby said…
I tossed over this one myself! I ended up taking the Banana Fosters Bread and changing it up and turning that into a snack cake that was more like a cake....made me wonder if it would really be like bread if I had made bread!

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