10 in '10 - Week 3

 My posting has been very off this week, did you notice?  Well, besides last week being crazy busy, I also had a small cold that drained me of energy early on... which of course put a kink in my workouts last week.  I opted to take it easy and get my energy back up rather than run myself down further.

Can't say that I saw another decrease, but with less exercise I wasn't expecting anything to happen.  I did work on getting my water in each day, which was easy since I tend to do that anyway when I'm not feeling well.  It seemed to do the trick as I was feeling better by Friday.

I am jumping right back into my challenge goals this week!  Today, I hit the treadmill and have managed to keep my calorie intake in check today.  So, I feel like I'm back on track and hope to add that strength training with the personal trainer at my gym this week.

Keeping this short tonight because I want to watch the gorgeous people on The Golden Globes, but I'll be back tomorrow with a new recipe to share!

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Anonymous said…
Yay.... getting back on the wagon after the holidays is TOUGH, I think once I get to my complete goal.. there won't be anymore wagons to hop onto .....

I know water is a must.. so I buy a 2 liter bottle and try and make sure I finish it off by the end of the day.
Anonymous said…
I have used http://caloriecount.about.com to help track my calories.Workd pretty good.
Patsyk said…
April Marie - yes, water is a huge MUST for me... in the winter it's hard though so I often add decaf tea to the mix so I can get enough in.

Woodsman - Good to know of another source for counting calories.

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