Amazing Taste Panko Chicken

When I hit a home run with dinner, I really hit it out of the park! Ok, I do realize that it's a few months from baseball season and everyone is gearing up for the Super Bowl, but this dinner was a home run there's just no other way to put it.

I've been loving Panko Bread crumbs for awhile now, and from what I can tell from my statcounter I'm still getting visits from my original posts on it. This time, I decided to try the Amazing Taste seasoning for poultry mixed in with the Panko bread crumbs. The seasoning did not disappoint. It added the right combination of seasonings, and nothing overly spicy. Which for my family = KID FRIENDLY.

I had my two Assistant Chefs help prepare the chicken. I cut it into strips, then I had them dip in an egg and milk mixture before coating with the panko and poultry seasoning mixture.

From Family, Friends and Food

In spite of the mess I have to clean up, it's such fun having them help in the kitchen. They work pretty well together, and I love that they both always want to learn more about cooking with me. For anyone who is hesitant to get the kid's into the kitchen, I say just jump in and don't worry about the mess! The memories being built from sharing time together are worth the time to clean-up afterward. Also, you just might be able to get them to eat something new because they helped make it.

From Family, Friends and Food

As you can see, these chicken strips turned out beautifully! They were loved by everyone in the family and the best part is that they were simple to make. My Assistant Chefs gave this a huge thumb's up and My Husband even said that the chicken was delicious. It was moist and crunchy, and so much better than the prepared chicken nuggets or strips you would buy in the store.

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Anonymous said…
Look at their adorable faces!!!! CUTE!!! And the dinner.. well YEA, no wonder it was a hit... it looks fabulous!

BTW, I added you to the blog roll, I hope that is okay..

My mum back East is still sending me e-mails that say "burr".. and here I am crying about 48F (10 years of California) anything below 70 is BURR...
Aggie said…
I just love panko!! These guys look great, I know my kids would eat them up!

Your little ones are adorable!;)
Anonymous said…
I love the idea of using Panko crumbs. I already love breaded chicken tenders and this sounds like a great way to improve them.
Linda said…
Crunchy chicken fingers are the only thing my grandson will eat that is closely related to protein in the "meat" family. I am going to try these and I think he will like them. Right now bread and butter are a food group for him!
Hallie Fae said…
I really want to try panko but I have not gotten around to it yet. This looks great!
LaDue & Crew said…
I love Panko- they make everything better! I'll have to try these!
It's wonderful getting the kids or grandkids in the kitchen helping. They think they are all grown up when they help.

I'm not finding panko here in my area. The one grocery that usually carries the best variety of things hasn't had it. I think I'm going to ask them to carry it.

Did you bake or deep fry these chicken strips?
Patsyk said…
Girl Japan - thanks for the blogroll add! I would love 70 degrees right now!

Meemaw's memories: I bake them for about 20-30 minutes at 400 degrees. Depends on how thick you cut the strips.

Aggie - Thanks! They think they are pretty cute, too! ;)

Sara - definitely crispier than the traditional bread crumbs.

Linda - give it a try, you might just be able to add one more food to his food groups!

Hallie Fae - Do give it a try. You'll love how crispy Panko makes the chicken.

Ladue&Crue - Let me know if you try these. I think you'll like them.
Maria said…
Cute photos! I love panko too!
Dragon said…
Who could resist those little guys. :) And your chicken turned out pretty good too.
ChefDruck said…
I also love Panko. I picked up some extra fine Panko at the Japanese supermarket the other day and liked that even better. I'm curious - did you bake or panfry your chicken tenders?
Sara said…
I love baked chicken fingers, I even prefer them to the fried version! Yours look delicious - panko is such a great product, I'm glad it's become more common.
Leslie said…
You have such cute little chefs!
I prefer panko over regular bread crumbs ANYDAY!

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