Welcome to 2017!

Happy New Year! Hoping a few of you might still be stopping in here on occasion.

With a new year and some new inspiration hitting me, I'm going to be adding some new posts... can't promise on the frequency since life has a way of delaying my writing over the past year.

That's not to say that some delicious food and photos haven't been taken. I've been sharing photos on my Instagram like the one below. One of our favorites during the cooler months, Baked Ziti.


One of the things I want to do more of this year is more photography of my family (my boys are growing up so fast!) and of the things that bring a smile to my face throughout the day. Add to that, I really want to dive into the various features in Photoshop... I've had it for awhile and have used a number of the tools successfully, but now it's time to learn more.

For now, I'll leave you with this photo from a day we went hiking last summer. Soon, I'll have some more to share! If you don't want to miss anything, be sure to subscribe through the subscribe option in the right sidebar.

Flowers from a hike

Cheers to a fabulous 2017 for everyone!

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