Apple Picking & Fresh Apple Sauce {recipe}

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with ways to use those apples you get from the orchard! Using them for fresh apple sauce is ideal and will keep your family begging for more.
Fresh applesauce!|

Every fall we try to make it to one of the local farms and pick apples. It's fun and if you pick the right day and the weather is perfectly cool, but not too cool... you'll want to spend the whole day outside.

I also love going to the farms so I can get a few pictures of my how teenage boys. Perfect photo-op, right? When they were younger it was, but as they are hitting the teen years it takes more coaxing to get them to pose and smile. I remember being like that, but looking back wish I hadn't ended up behind the camera as much as I did back then. I did manage to get a few photos, and one they weren't aware that I took... even after growing about 6 inches each this past year, I still love watching them walk together and talk... even if it's probably complaining about mom taking too many pictures!

Apple picking and apple sauce

After spending time picking apples and My Husband wondering why we had so many to take home, I found a few recipes based on requests that everyone made. First up was applesauce, and I chose a very straight-forward recipe from Simply Recipes.

The recipe was very easy to pull together and I left out the cinnamon because that was what my oldest requested. He prefers a very simple applesauce and leaving out the cinnamon in this case allowed the flavors of the apples to really shine.

I'm going to have to go back to the farm so that I can make more and store some in the freezer to enjoy once winter comes and we need a taste of fall! The recipe can be found a the link I shared above.

What's your favorite way to enjoy fresh apples in the fall? 

Here are some other favorites I've made in the past:
Caramel Apple Bread
Cinnamon Apple Cake
Dulce de Leche Apple Bars

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