Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream (Phoenix, AZ)

I recently had the pleasure of taking a girl's weekend away to visit my sister-in-law.

While there I had the chance to try artisan ice cream at Sweet Republic. I'm a huge ice cream lover so this was my kind of place. 
Weekend getaway in Phoenix - Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream
Made with all natural local ingredients and the oh-so-creamy the single scoop was all that kept me from going overboard!

I tried the salted butter caramel ice cream and... Wow, was it incredible! I'm not only a sucker for a rich chocolate, but give me salted caramel and I'm in heaven! Check out those swirls of caramel! The single scoop was really the perfect size to give that sweet end to our lunch out at Rosita's Place for delicious Mexican food.

Salted butter caramel ice cream at Sweet Republic - unbelievable artisan ice cream! #travel #Arizona #sweets #localgoodness #eatingmywaythrutheweekend

A little bit more in cost than other ice cream shops due to the natural ingredients,but if it's only a splurge once in awhile, it can be justified. But, when you compare it to the frozen yogurt places, I think it's well worth the higher quality ingredients to splurge here rather than at a fro-yo shop.

They change their flavor options frequently so each time you go you can try something new. The guys who were working there were happy to let us sample different flavors before deciding which one to order.

Weekend getaway in Phoenix - Sweet Republic Artisan Ice Cream

They have 2 locations in the Phoenix area, one in Scottsdale and the Phoenix location which is the one I visited.  Check them out when you are in the area, I think you will be happy you did!

Sweet Republic
6054 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 

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