The Week in Food Photos

So, here we are... it's Sunday night and that means Monday will be making it's usual unwelcome arrival. I know many of us feel the same way, even one of my boys said around 3 p.m. on Sunday he typically get's the "Monday Blues".  It doesn't help that the weather isn't conducive to getting out and doing some fun things - and at this point, playing in the snow is no longer a novelty. We are all ready for spring to get here so we can fully enjoy our weekends without feeling cooped up.

In spite of that feeling, I decided to make a few things today which included a new crockpot pork tenderloin recipe... which needs a little tweaking as far as timing goes, so I'll share it after I've got the recipe perfected. However, I did make our favorite cheesey twice baked potatoes.

We like our twice baked potatoes extra #cheesey!
Cheesey Twice Baked Potatoes

I don't really use a recipe, but rather go by taste and make sure the texture is what I want. I use a combination of heavy cream, cream cheese (the block type - and only about 2 ounces) and shredded cheddar cheese... oh, and Kosher salt, completely to taste. They come out so creamy and perfect that I have to make a little extra just so we have a couple leftover for snacking the next day.

I also made a variation of the Wheat Berry Salad that I've shared in the past. I didn't follow the recipe, but again, went by taste until it was the way I wanted it.

Lunch for work this week! Wheat berries, cranberries, almonds with a light dressing. #lunch #prep #eatatwork #yum
Simple Wheat Berry Salad

I've got this all ready to go for my lunches this week. Super filling due to the fiber filled wheat berries and I love the sweet addition of the cranberries. A very satisfying way to get in a healthy lunch at work.

Last week, we enjoyed a family favorite that I always forget how easy it is to make! Shrimp Jambalaya can be on the table in under 30 minutes - especially, if you have pre-cooked shrimp on hand. I like to keep the Trader Joe's peeled and cooked shrimp in the freezer just for dishes like this one.

Family favorite! Shrimp Jambalaya for #dinner and in the table in 20 minutes! #yum #seafood
Shrimp Jambalaya

Since our boys have been enjoying participating in ski club with their school this winter, we've had the opportunity to go out to dinner ALONE once a week. I'll be a little sad when it's over - for all of us! Our boys have thoroughly enjoyed snowboarding and spending extra time with their friends these last few weeks.

Last week, we enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant, Calandra's Il Vecchio Cafe.  Anyone local to our area knows that Calandra's bakery has some of the most amazing baked goods, and they also have several restaurants worth taking the family to or heading out for a date night.  I absolutely loved my chicken with bruschetta and brought the leftovers home to enjoy for lunch the next day.  A perfect flavor combination!

Loved my chicken with bruschetta tonight! Leftovers will be so good! #datenight #dinnerout #Italian
Chicken Bruschetta at Calandra's Il Vecchio Cafe

I not only got a date with my husband last week, I had the pleasure of dining out with each of my boys SEPARATELY on different nights!  After an evening of rock climbing with my oldest, we hit a local pizzeria for a quick slice before heading home.

Pizza date with my oldest. #pizza #thincrust #family
Thin Crust Pizza in New Jersey

And, then while both my husband and oldest had other plans Friday night, I dined out with my youngest at Smashburger. I love their Avocado Club Burger... sooooo good!

#Smashburger date with my youngest! #avocado #club #burger #yum
Smashburger - Avocado Club Burger

So, that was my week in food... at least the things I remembered to take a quick photo of before digging in to eat! What did you eat that blew your socks off this week?

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