Spanish Cooking Class

One way to chase the winter blues away is to do something fun with a friend. Last week, I took a Spanish cooking class with a friend and it was such a fun class!

I have taken a few cooking classes before and I learn a bit of something new from each experience.  What I've also found is that taking a class with someone else that I know makes it even better.

So, the class I took was at a local grocery store and very reasonably priced. So, those two things alone made it appealing! Add to that a Spanish theme that included paella and sangria and I was ready to sign up!

Full participation classes are where you often learn the most, but one caveat to that is when the class is very full, you may not be able to do something for each recipe. In this class, we had three recipes to make: Seafood Paella, Artichoke and Asparagus Fritters and Sangria.
The finished paella from class tonight!  #cookingclass #trysomethingnew
Seafood Paella

I've enjoyed paella at restaurants many times, so it was cool to be in a class where we were preparing it. There is so much to do to prep the various proteins before the dish goes into the oven. More than one set of hands is very necessary!

Spanish cooking class
Chicken and Sausage after browning in the skillet

The Artichoke and Asparagus Fritters were very easy, but do require a lot of chopping depending on the number you need to make.  They didn't have any egg, and there was the addition of baking powder that allowed them to fry up lighter than other fritters that I've made.

Spanish cooking class
Artichoke and Asparagus Fritters

Every time I take a cooking class, which isn't all that often, I come back inspired again. Each little tidbit of information leads to some other idea that I want to play around with in the kitchen.

Things I want to try:

  1. Using baking powder and no egg in my zucchini fritters - adding a bit of flour as well next time.   
  2. Paella! I love the idea of a dish that finishes doing it's magic in the oven. Making it just for my family of four, I'd probably tailor it more to our seafood preferences... plenty of clams, not so much of the mussels and chicken.
  3. Sangria! I didn't share a photo because the plastic cup just didn't showcase it as nicely as I would have liked. I've made Sangria before, but I love the idea of trying other versions. I found a few different ones on Pinterest that I am going to give a try in the coming months as warmer temps arrive.

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