Meal Planning & Enjoying the Heatwave here in NJ

Who would have thought that budging over 30 degrees this morning would have felt pretty warm after all those below zero days we've had recently? As I write this, the temperature has risen to 39 degrees and the snow is melting and slushy... sadly, this will be short-lived as the temps are dipping back below freezing again tonight. Bringing back dangerous black ice, ear warmers and extra layers.

What did I do on the snowy, cold day yesterday? I spent time planning out some potential meals for the next two weeks. Keeping in mind that life changes daily and moods swing in different directions, I didn't assign a date for each meal I've planned.

Meal planning

I try really hard to meal plan each week. I've event spent numerous hours shopping at different stores trying to get the best deals on whatever it is I have planned. This week, my thinking is to plan out two weeks and get the majority of the shopping done now... and only have to fill in with missing necessities next week.

I'm hoping this experiment works. I'd like to see this result in some smaller grocery bills in my alternating weeks and see if by planning out this far I can make the most of what I have in the freezer and pantry.

I already know that I'll be shopping out London broil next week since it was not on sale this week. The sides planned with that meal are easily moved as I will have to restock salad next weekend anyway and the pasta dish has ingredients I have on hand all the time anyway.

I like some variety to our meals and several of the dishes in my plan are new one's that I've recently pinned on Pinterest. A few things that I've planned are some of our regular favorites, but I'm a big fan of trying new things and seeing how My Family enjoys them.

As the new recipes are deemed a success, I will share here so that I can keep track of what we want to have again. I'll also throw in some reviews of recipes that didn't live up to our expectations... because that is the way it goes sometimes.

Now, it's time to go bake some cookies!

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