Back to Blogging and Making Social Ties a Priority

It seems kind of random but in the last week I think I figured out what I've been missing. I think my (significantly) reduced writing / blogging activities are what's keeping me from feeling like I'm doing what I enjoy.

When I was writing more often, I think it was my opportunity to be creative after a day of work that was tied more to numbers (my day job). Having a hobby, which is what blogging is for me, that allows me to stretch my creative side allows me to feel more fulfilled.

Finding ways to express myself creatively through writing, recipes and photographs is what I enjoy. Taking time to just not feel tied to a self-imposed schedule felt good... for awhile. But, it's time to get back to it, and begin sharing things more often around here.

What will that mean? Hopefully, more frequent posts with more variety. Still with a primary focus on food and how I share it with my family and friends. But, with some other posts that may focus just on photography or writing about something beyond food. I'm going to use this space to find my way back to writing and see where it takes me. It's something that brings me happiness so, I'll share what's on my mind at the moment and I promise that most of the time that will tie in to food in some way.
Matzah ball soup to cure what ails you!  #365imperfect #dinner #soup
Matzah Ball Soup will cure what ails you!

I know my less frequent posts have lost some readers because I just wasn't sharing much the last year or so. Real life distracted me from my little piece of the internet, and well... it's time to get back to what allows me to feel more connected in the world.

This winter has been brutal... and, not in my normal sense of complaining about cold. In the true sense of several weekly snow storms and below zero temperatures over the past week (and more to come of both next week!). What has helped is making an effort to not hibernate and hide away... which is my natural instinct when this season approaches.
Feel like I'm living in a snow globe today!  #winter #365imperfect #snow #howlinguntilspring
Feels like we are living in a snow globe this winter!
I've made sure that we had some friends over a few times, which always makes me happy. I love entertaining and making food to share. We've had some date nights on our own, and managed to get out with other couples as well. I also have had the pleasure of making a new friend the last few months who has a fabulous talent for making me laugh. Everyone needs more friends like that!

I've also connected with some local groups of moms on Facebook and am really enjoying the conversations and tips that are being shared. I think a combination of on-line and real life connections are important and finding a balance between the two can be difficult but worth the effort. These different connections are what have allowed me to figure out what else I need to do... do more writing and photography and find a way to let my creative side out.

These things may seem small and insignificant to others, but for me it has helped me keep some of the "winter blues" away. Yes, I still complain about the cold but, it's not bringing me down. We only have 28 days until the official start of spring so, that is my light at the end of the cold, snowy winter tunnel.

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