Restaurant Review: Koi Asian Fusion Lounge, Brick Township

We had family visiting from Arizona recently and while they were here we had the treat of trying a new restaurant in Brick Township, NJ - Koi Asian Fusion Lounge.

The restaurant is located in what used to be a Denny's, but there is no trace of the previous restaurant when you walk in since the decor has been overhauled.  It's a lovely place with good lighting (which helped tremendously with taking photos!), and beautifully plated dishes.

Koi Asian Fusion Restaurant

We tried a variety of sushi and maki rolls and I enjoyed a few that had more of a spicy kick to them (I like spice, but I don't care to have my taste buds ruined for the rest of the meal).

We started off with edamame, which is a simple way to start the meal and while I know My Boys have had it before they went to town on it that night.  It's likely due to the fun factor of biting the pod and getting the edamame out, but hey, I'll take it.

We also had some spring rolls and fried dumplings, and all were very good and the dumplings were not doughy... something that is a big turn-off at other places we have been to in the past.

Koi Asian Fusion Restaurant

The combination of rolls that are in the photos were:

  • Tuna Legend - spicy with pepper tuna and avocado
  • Ocean Dream - shrimp tempura with avocado and spicy tuna
  • Sunset - spicy salmon, yellowtail tuna, white tuna, avocado and scallion
  • Cucumber and avocado roll
  • Crazy Beef - shrimp tempura and avocado topped with torched beef and special sauce
As I'm writing this, I just realized that everything we ordered had avocado in it!  I didn't notice it before, but I do love the creamy texture that it adds to the other ingredients in each roll.

The big sashimi dinner was all raw and honestly, by the time it came out several of us were quite full and didn't dig into it... I believe it was 18 pieces and My Oldest tried the tuna, but wasn't in love with it, I think he'll be sticking to cooked rolls for now.  My Nephew really enjoyed the sashimi!

Koi Asian Fusion Restaurant

Overall, we had a lovely experience and it was a fun night where we were able to help celebrate our nephew's birthday while he visited.

It's a BYO restaurant, so be sure to bring your favorite wine along to enjoy with your meal.

Koi Asian Fusion Lounge
25 Brick Blvd.
Brick, NJ  08723

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