Summer Fun: Go Fly a Kite!

Sometimes we don't have plans on a beautiful weekend day... and when that happens, it can go one of two ways.  We end up staying close to home and just trying to get "stuff" done or we decide it's time to head out and have some fun.

A few weekends back, we decided to head down to South Jersey to see the Grandparents.  We tossed our kites into the back of the van thinking we might try to head out and get them up in the air that afternoon.  We are lucky that when we are near the shore (the beach for those who don't live in NJ), the winds are usually strong enough to get a kite in the air without a lot of effort.
Go Fly a Kite!

This is one of those activities that just has My Husband written all over it.  He loves kites and now that the boys think they are cool, it's something that they can do together (while I just enjoy watching and taking photos of them working together and having some fun).

Go Fly a Kite!

The kites caught quite the eyes of everyone passing by since we were in a lovely park that was right on the water where people were bringing their boats in after a day on the water.

My Father-in-Law commented that it was almost too easy to get them into the air since he remembered having to work harder at it when he was a kid.  He shared how they would get them into the air and keep letting out the string until they reached the end... then, one of them would run to the local store and pick up some more string for ten cents!  Unfortunately, no stores close enough to add to the string that we had with us.

Go Fly a Kite!

And, when the kite comes down, sometimes you have to re-assemble it.  I think he was happy that he had the easier kite to put back together... in spite of the kite coming down, he did manage to get it going in the sky again.  The only problem was that sometimes their strings would cross so one of them would have to bring a kite down or get creative in figuring out how to untangle them in the air.

This summer we are trying to find fun and different things to do that aren't too far from home... hikes, trips to the beach, kite flying, etc.  What kinds of things do you do in the summer to keep things interesting?

Cate who writes Sweetnicks, has a great Day Trip Pinterest board... check it out, all trips are drivable from New Jersey!

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Shelby said…
Don't you just love days that make you feel good like this?! I'm checking out the pinterst board. We are still a drive from NJ but not too far for a weekend trip!
Patsyk said…
Definitely! Always looking for things to do that will create happy memories through experiences... and flying kites is just one way to do that!

If you make the drive to NJ, let me know and hopefully, we can meet up!

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