Restaurant Review: Churrasco Grill in Lake Hiawatha

One of the things I love about where I live is that we have a wide variety of cuisines we can sample depending on our mood.  Sadly, we have a tendency to keep going to back to our 'tried and true' favorites.  Lately, we have been working on changing that, and last week we had a date night with another couple and ended up trying Churrasco Grill in Lake Hiawatha.

Don't let the exterior dissuade you from venturing inside.  As with many of our favorite places, we find that being open minded has led us into some quaint and lovely restaurants.  This one included, as it had a warm and inviting atmosphere and is family-owned and run.

Dinner @ Churrasco Grill

The menu items are varied but have limited descriptions.  Most items are 'wood charcoal grilled' and are full of flavor.  I'd describe it as being similar to a Brazilian grill, but not quite like a rodizio restaurant where they bring the grilled meats, etc. around and slice it off for you.  All items are served as appetizers or as meals.

The photo above is the grilled scallops that I ordered and they were cooked perfectly.  I love ordering scallops because I know that my portion size is exactly what I want and I'm less likely to go overboard.  The potato served on the side was lightly seasoned, but delicious.  I wasn't a fan of the grilled Romaine lettuce though... that's just my personal preference though.

Dinner @ Churrasco Grill

The evening we were there, they were offering a tilapia special that was served with a crab meat risotto.  My Husband really enjoyed it as there really wasn't anything left on the plate when he finished! 

Dinner @ Churrasco Grill

One of our friends ordered the steak and it was cooked perfectly to order and had similar sides to my dish.  In addition, we ordered the House Rice which is a spin on fried rice that you find in many Asian restaurants.  This one not overly seasoned, but had a mix of scallions and other crunchy veggies mixed in and was a nice addition to the other items we ordered.

This is a BYO restaurant, which is common in New Jersey.  It's nice because you can choose the wine you like and bring it along to share with your friends.

I haven't been there for lunch, but the prices on the menu for lunch seem a bit high for just a quick lunch.  If you are heading out to celebrate a co-worker's birthday or some other event, then I'd recommend going here as it would be a nicer place to go than one of the local chain restaurants.

We went on a weeknight, and it wasn't too busy, but I've heard that during lunch or weekend evenings a reservation is highly recommended.  It's not a large place, so call ahead to ensure that you will have a table available!

137 North Beverwyck Road
Lake Hiawatha, NJ  07034

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