Macy's Fireworks from a Chartered Boat

We had the best time celebrating 4th of July this year!  It was finally time to let the boys check out the big Macy's fireworks show in NYC... only we didn't drive into the city to see them, we drove down to the shore.

What?  Why would we do that?  Well..... if you want truly the best view of the fireworks, you want to find a chartered boat that is heading out on the 4th to Lower Manhattan!

4th of July

It's quite a trip getting there by boat and takes awhile, which is why the captain told us to be there by 5 p.m.  There being Atlantic Highlands, NJ where we boarded the Mi-Jo II.  Even though the latest storm had just passed us by, the water was a bit choppy as we took off, but it got better as we got closer to our destination.

On the way, we were treated to simple appetizers (veggies and dip), and that was followed by a full dinner that included salad, bread, baked pasta, cold noodle salad, breaded chicken cutlets and meatballs. Everything was delicious and pleased everyone in our group.

We settled into seats up on top of the 75 foot boat, and the weather was wonderful!  We felt so lucky that the storm moved out as we were heading to see the fireworks!

4th of July

As we waited for the sunset to come, we were looking all around us taking in all the sites.  The photo above shows the fire boat shooting out water that was red, white and blue.

4th of July

We had a lovely view of Lady Liberty as the sun began to set behind her.  Jersey City started the night off a bit earlier than NYC, so we had fireworks on that side first.

Before it was dark enough for the Macy's show to begin, dessert was served!  Let's just say the boys were over-the-top thrilled with the selection... mini cupcakes, frosted brownies and chocolate dipped pretzels.  We did NOT go hungry on this trip!

The crew was lovely and did everything they could to ensure that everyone on board was happy.  We had gone on a trip like this many years ago (way before the kids were born) and each boat has different things to offer.  It was an experience our boys really enjoyed, which makes me even happier we waited until they were a little older before taking them on a trip like this... the memories will be something that they will be able to look back on for years.

Below, I'll share links of other NJ shore boat charters that you can check out - just remember the further south you are, the longer the trip up to NYC (and back afterwards) will be.

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