Day Trip: Central Park, NYC

A day in the park sounds so inviting, doesn't it?  Especially, with some of the amazing weather we've been enjoying recently in New Jersey and NYC!

A day in Central Park

My Husband and I love venturing into NYC without a plan to just wander around.  A couple of weekends back, the weather was beautiful and we didn't have any plans so into the city we went!

On our way in, Our Boys were a bit uncertain about going and not knowing what we were going to do.  So, we gave them a few choices of where we could spend time and what there was to do in those areas... the choice was Central Park!

A day in Central Park

One of the coolest things about going into Central Park is that it is this huge park that goes on and on and on and on and on... we haven't even seen half of it with all of the times we've been in to hang out there!  I love looking up over the trees and seeing the high-rise buildings peeking over the top.  It's kind of like you are in an oasis in the big city.

Day in Central Park

Of course, it's not just a big patch of green grass where you can have a picnic... there are all sorts of people there (perfect for sitting and just watching them go by).  The saxophone player was pretty good so, we found a spot in the grass and hung out to listen for a bit... there were people who brought their beach towels to get a bit of sunshine on the day we were there.

A day in Central Park

It's really amazing that the park has a variety of playgrounds and huge rocks for those daring enough to climb up on them (My Boys were doing a lot of climbing!)... and areas where you can sit and watch the ducks go by and even a school of fish.  The city isn't just a concrete jungle, it also has nature there so you can get "away" without going too far.

A day in Central Park

If you are visiting NYC or even live within a reasonable drive, we would all recommend taking a day to hang out in the park... grab some food from one of the many food vendors, maybe even have your portrait sketched while you are there.

At the end of the day, both of Our Boys were asking when we could come back!  Next time, we may bring in our rolling cooler and have a nice picnic on the Great Lawn and play a bit of frisbee!

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