Carvel is Now Serving Nutella Ice Cream

Disclosure:  I received gift cards to purchase the new flavor of ice cream from Carvel.  All opinions are my own.  
Mmmm, ice cream... and it's got Nutella in it!  
Carvel and their latest flavor- Nutella.

Do I have your attention?  Yes, Carvel now has Nutella ice cream and it has those fun chocolate crunchies mixed in it!  What a way to bring in the month of July and gear up for National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 20th!

I've been trying to get over to Carvel the last couple of weeks - they started serving up this new flavor on July 1st - but, life kept getting in the way.  Today, however, I had the day off of work to take care of a few things and treated myself to a bit of ice cream!

Upon walking up to my local Carvel, I was greeted by a sign that is sure to get anyone's attention who has ever tasted Nutella!
Carvel and their latest flavor- Nutella.

Armed with my gift card so that I could get a taste of this new flavor, I was lucky to be the first customer of the day.  I always opt for my ice cream in a cup since I want to savor it and that can lead to lots of melting goodness.

Carvel and their latest flavor- Nutella.

So, was it worth the trip?  As I would expect, the ice cream was creamy and the chocolate crunchies added just the right amount of contrasting texture without having to ask for an additional topping.  It's totally worth the indulgence and has that Nutella flavor going on in a very good way!

Since Sunday is National Ice Cream Day be sure to head over to Carvel's website and become a Fudgie Fanatic!  Members will receive a coupon toward their purchase of ice cream on July 20, 2014.

Disclosure: I received a gift card to sample the new Carvel flavor. All opinions are my own.

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kellyr78 said…
I like egg nog flavored ice cream.
Unknown said…
I love all chocolate ice cream. So nutella would be a real treat!
Angela said…
I like vanilla ice cream.
adagherkin said…
I actually haven't been to carvel, but I'm a neopolitan fan, if they carry that!

ada.gherkin07 at gmail dot com
Angela said…
Forgot to put my email for the "Angela" entry!

nomfreebies at hotmail dot com
luckynordberg said…
I like carvel vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

Arifamily at comcast dot net
Unknown said…
I like vanilla.
Unknown said…
I am a huge fan of the Nutella ice cream with chocolate crunchies.

Michele S in AZ
Harmony said…
Love chocolate & vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles.
njharmonyg at aol dot com

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