Cosmic Brownies for #Elleapalooza

About a week ago, I logged into Facebook to see what my friends were up to and see if there were any new family pictures or funny comments to distract me for a little while.  What I found was a post that really floored me... Elle of Elle's New England Kitchen had suddenly passed away.

I was not the only one who just didn't know how to process that information because there was an outpouring of love and condolences to her family.  You see... this internet world of blogging is a pretty amazing place that I enjoy being a part of for so many reasons.  You may not meet face-to-face,  but you do develop real friendships that are an important part of your life.  I've had the pleasure of meeting several of my blogging friends over the last couple of years, but Elle was not one of them.

I didn't know her terribly well, but did enjoy conversations on Facebook that were shared and her sense of humor could always put a smile on my face.  Between her sense of humor and her creative talent in the kitchen and in creating jewelry for her Etsy shop... she inspired me to look at things more creatively.

Not long after hearing the news, a group of food bloggers decided to come together to share memories and spend this weekend cooking from Elle's recipes and share through #Elleapalooza, which has to be making her smile right now.

As I paged through her recipe archives trying to decide what I should make, I kept coming back to the desserts... because, they say in order to make sure you have room for dessert... you should eat that first.  Don't wait to enjoy something that makes you smile... do it today.

I noticed she had adapted a copycat recipe for those Cosmic Brownies that most of us are familiar with because they have been a grocery store staple for as long as I can remember.  I knew My Boys would love them... who wouldn't when they are a dense, fudgey brownie covered in ganache?  Seriously, how can you go wrong?

Cosmic Brownies for #Elleapalooza

Even though I've been on a kick to get creative and change up most of the recipes I've been making... I chose to make these as they were written by Elle... sometimes it just makes sense to follow the directions without making changes.

I even added the espresso powder, which I often skip over... figuring who needs the extra caffeine, but then how much is it truly adding?  Well, the chocolate flavor in these brownies is intense and I have to say that she hit a true home-run when adapting this recipe.  You can find the recipe for Cosmic Brownies at her blog... and take some time to peruse through her archives because there are so many wonderful recipes that are waiting to be made and shared with loved ones.

Tonight, I'll raise a glass of wine to toast a woman who was a bright spot in the food blogging world and is gone much too soon.

You can find more blogs that are participating in #Elleapalooza over at He Cooks She Cooks.

There will also be an on-line auction soon to raise funds to help her family through this difficult time.  You can find out more by following along on Facebook on the Friends of Elle page.

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Katrina said…
Nice! I've made a version of Cosmic Brownies before and will have to make Elle's now, too. I made some great cookies from her blog.
Unknown said…
These cosmic brownies look out of this world delicious. You did Elle proud!

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