Razzoo's - Fort Worth, Texas {Restaurant}

Dining out in Fort Worth, Texas means a trip to Razzoo's Canjun Cafe should be on your list!

During our trip to Texas back in November we had the pleasure of trying a few different restaurants that showcased the flavors of the region.  A bit of Cajun flair and a fun atmosphere made Razzoo's a place we would want to return to again next time we visit.

Razzoo's is a filled with colorful decorations and fun music, even the menus have a bit more than just food items on them!  We were distracted checking out all of the fun cartoons on the back of the menu before we made it to the other side to choose our meals.

Most of us opted for the usual fried food with a Cajun flair in the seasoning - Fried Cat(fish) Basket, Shrimp and Cat(fish) Combo and the kids opted for Popcorn Shrimp and Corn Doggies.


I think all of our meals were completely decimated because we totally loved the food!  I love hush puppies and don't find them in most places we go, so I was thrilled that they were served with our meals.  They had just a hit of heat in them and were fried nice and crisp on the outside with the soft center that I love so much!

The servings were generous and they do have an assortment of grilled and blackened chicken dishes as well.  Our Aunt opted for the Chopped Salad with Blackened Chicken on it... and I have to say, I'd try that next time we have the chance to go there.  It was topped with fried onions... seriously has to be one of the best salad toppings - ever!

They have an assortment of speciality drinks available as well as a local beers available on draught.  This is a hopping restaurant right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth.  It's a fun area with a lot going on, and we wish we had more time so that we could have checked out more of the area... we'll have to do that on our next visit!

The service was great and we were able to enjoy our meal without being rushed, but also had time to wander a little bit in the area before we were off to the Stockyards Rodeo.  Overall a fun night that gave Our Boys a taste of Texas!

Razzoo's - Downtown Ft. Worth
318 Main Street
Ft. Worth, TX  76102

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