Peanut Butter Balls {Family Recipe}

Creamy peanut butter dipped in chocolate makes the perfect addition to your holiday dessert buffet or to treats to give as gifts.
Peanut Butter Balls a family favorite |

I remember when I was growing up the holidays meant My Mom would be making tons of treats for us to enjoy throughout the season.  I thought I was always being sneaky by heading into the dining room where these treats were on display in their containers on the shelves right behind the kitchen wall... and, I'd ever-so-quietly take the top off of the jar that would hold these beauties... Peanut Butter Balls.  Looking back, I'm sure My Mom knew I what I was up to but she never stopped me or reprimanded me for it.  I guess it was a small enough offense that she decided to let me enjoy indulging.

They were seriously hard to resist, which I can attest that they still are since I made them recently.  As I was looking through the piles of recipes that I have to figure out what treats to make this year, I came across a copy I brought back a couple of years ago after visiting My Mom.  I had gone through her recipe box and pulled out a bunch of recipes that I wanted to bring back with me... of course, time has passed and I'm still trying to find time to dig through and make some of my old favorites for My Boys.

This recipe is ridiculously easy... to the point that you'll ask yourself "Why didn't I make this sooner?"  I love recipes that are super easy, but when shared get "oohs and ahhs" because they hit that perfect flavor note.  There really is nothing quite as good as peanut butter and chocolate... ask anyone who is a Reese's Peanut Butter cup fan.

If you have about an hour and a half, you can make these delicious bite-size treats to share with your family for Christmas or even New Year's Eve... we all know we want to indulge a few more times before getting back to reality and eating healthy again.

Peanut Butter Balls

Recipe by Patsyk's Mom

  • 2 pound box powdered sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
  • 1 1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) butter, softened to room temperature
  • 16 ounces chocolate candy melts
Cooking Directions
  1. Mix peanut butter and butter together in the bowl of a stand mixer. Gradually add in the powdered sugar. The mixture will become very thick.

  2. Shape into 1-inch balls and place on parchment paper on a baking sheet. Place in the refrigerator for 1 hour to chill.

  3. Melt candy melts over simmering water in a double boiler. Once fully melted and smooth, dip each peanut butter ball in chocolate. Place each ball on a wax paper lined baking sheet. Any areas not covered can be filled in by using a spoon to add more chocolate. 
  4. Note: To make more festive, add sprinkles or drizzle white chocolate over each peanut butter ball.

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Ooh! These look great! Who doesn't love peanut butter and chocolate together? Especially when it's easy to put together! :)

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