The Beauty of Fall

Time seems to be passing me by so much faster than I'd like these days.  Yes, Mom, you were right... time flies by faster as you get older.  This is something I wanted to be able to say you were wrong about... but, you are proven right time and time again these days.

Luckily, we are taking the time to enjoy the little things lately.  We discovered a new place to go hiking and last weekend we took advantage of what might be one of our last warmer days for awhile by heading to Pyramid Mountain for some family time and to enjoy nature's beauty.

Pyramid Mountain Hike

I think this post should be dedicated to my friend, Janet LaDue, of Luv and Buttah.  She used to live in the Northeast, but has been in Arizona for many years now.  When I texted her photos of the brilliant fall colors last weekend, I think she was slightly tempted to come back out here... but only slightly since they are enjoying some amazing 70 degree weather while we are putting on sweaters and bundling up a bit more this week.

Pyramid Mountain Hike

I couldn't resist this shot as My Youngest was leading us along the trail... the way his backpack is in contrast with the leaves made this photo something worth capturing.  He loves heading out for a hike, but must be prepared with his backpack filled with a bottle of water and several snacks.  You just never know when you are going to need a snack as you wander along.

Pyramid Mountain Hike

There is nothing like looking up through the trees and seeing the sun's rays come down at you.  I've got my fingers crossed that we'll have a few more warmer days before we head into the depths of winter... now that we have found this great place to hike, I'd like to get out a few more times.

My Husband took the boys all the way up to Tripod Rock and they told me the view is worth the climb.  Hopefully, we'll get up there soon... if not, there is always spring to look forward to for a hike like that.

This is a great place for hiking in Morris County, New Jersey.  Which was apparent by the number of people who were out when we went last weekend.  Be warned that it can be a little steep with rocks to navigate along the way... doesn't hurt to find a sturdy walking stick to help you along, and make sure you are wearing proper hiking boots!

How are you getting out to enjoy the lovely colors of fall?

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