Grilled Portobello Pizza {Elevate Pizza Night with Classico}

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The folks at Classico asked me to share how I'd "Elevate Pizza Night" using their new pizza sauces.  While I did receive product and compensation for this post, all opinions are my own. 


Did you know that October is National Pizza month?  What a perfect way to pay tribute to a food that allows you so much creativity!

I love pizza and I'm often inspired to use new ingredients on pizza based on what I see as I pass by pizzerias and look into their cases filled with almost anything on top of the slices!

When I received a jar of the new Classico Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce, I knew exactly how I wanted to top my pizza.

I immediately started thinking about grilled vegetables!  I love when a pizza is topped with veggies, because that takes some of the guilt away from digging in and enjoying an extra slice!

With Halloween right around the corner, having a pizza party to welcome home your trick-or-treaters would be a fun way to finish off the evening!  All kids love pizza (and so do most adults!), so this quick an easy way of putting together a buffet of slices will please everyone!

Purchase the pre-baked pizza crusts and once the oven is ready you can add your topping filled crusts, and in about 10 minutes or so you've got nibbles for everyone!

I like using the personal pizza size and cutting them into appetizer sized slices... this way, when you top each crust differently, everyone can sample a little bit of this... and a little bit of that.

Since I'm all about grilled veggies, I pulled out my Cuisinart Griddler so that I could get grill marks on the sliced portobello mushrooms without going into the chilly autumn air.  This worked beautifully, and it's something I need to remember to do more often since I don't always remember to use this appliance for much more than quesadillas and pancakes...

While I'm grilling up the mushrooms, I had my pizza stone heating in my oven.  Once it's preheated, start by covering your pre-baked pizza crust with Classico Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce followed by the mushrooms - taking care to spread them out evenly on the crust.

Lastly, top with shredded cheese.  I opted for a 2 cheese pizza blend that I found at my local grocery store.  You could simply top with mozzarella or get a little fancy and head to the cheese counter and ask for a nice "melty" cheese to shred and add to the top of your pizza.

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman, unless otherwise noted. If you want to use something please ask first.


jezinthekitchen said…
Oh, I wish I had known about this sauce before I did my grocery shopping for the week!! I love fire-roasted tomatoes; I bet this sauce is delicious! I think I'll make a pizza margherita ... it's my favorite :)
freddie said…
I'd make a pizza with the fire-roasted tomato sauce with lots of pepperoni and lots and lots of cheese for our pizza night. dwelchert at yahoo dot com
1froglegs said…
The kids love homemade pizza because it is one food that we can make that the kids can actually do most of the work, making them feel like they are part of it. The fire roasted sauce sounds like a great addition to try.

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