Chocolate Malt Cookies (Lunchbox Treat)

School started for Our Boys this week.

That means we have a 5th grader and a 6th grader - Hello, Middle School!  Both are already enjoying school so far...

Being a 5th grader in our elementary school is a pretty big deal.  They get "jobs" that they must be responsible for throughout the school year.  Nothing too overwhelming, but each one carries responsibility with it.  It's also the year that they get to have bigger school parties just for their grade and some special events - especially, as the school year winds down next June.  Each day I have picked up My Youngest, he's had a smile on his face and is excited to tell me about his day.  That really makes a mom happy at the end of the day.

Our newly minted middle school boy has already adjusted to switching classes and having a locker to store his things in at school.  Even though he has some very good friends from his years in elementary school, I was happy to hear he is making some new one's this year.  Life is all about adapting when you are in new situations and he is certainly doing just that.  Not many of his "old" friends are in his classes, but he's not terribly bothered by it.  Quite a relief for a mom who was not always so good at adapting to new situations where I didn't know anyone when I was a kid.

Of course, with a new school year comes time to pack lunches.  Even though hot lunch is offered, there aren't many things either of them are crazy about on the menu.  So, most of the time they prefer a packed lunch.  While My Oldest has no restrictions on what he can bring to school for lunch, My Youngest is at a nut-free school.  So, even though we are fortunate enough to have no food allergies in our home, I have to watch that the things I send with him are nut-free (no PB sandwiches for this kid) and that other items are not prepared where there might be cross-contamination with machines that prepare items with nuts.

A friend recommended a website that is updated monthly, that I thought would be good to share in case there are others who have kids in nut-free schools.  The Snack Safely Snack Guide is going to be a really handy reference as I look for new things to add variety to his lunches.

Since I am packing lunches each day, I wanted to send along some homemade cookies this week.  I haven't baked a lot this summer, which is pretty normal for me.  Now that we are into September and the temperatures are dipping slightly lower I don't mind heating up the oven.

Chocolate Malt Cookies

I tend to make chocolate chip cookies more often than any other kind of cookie, but wanted to add something different to the lunchboxes this week.  So, when I found this recipe for Chocolate Malt Cookies at Chocolate, Chocolate and More, I knew I'd have a winner!

I had all the ingredients on hand... yes, even the malted milk powder!  I had picked that up because I wanted to make something else... that ended up not happening.  Does that ever happen to you?  I have so many ingredients that I pick up for a specific recipe and then I either have too much leftover or plans change and I don't make it.  By the time I rediscover the ingredient, I can't remember why I bought it!  I hope I'm not alone in that!

Back to the cookies... These cookies are a breeze to make, but do make sure you include time to allow the dough to chill.  It only requires about 1 hour (at the minimum), so go read a magazine or catch up on blog reading for a bit.

They are soft and gooey right out of the oven... My Oldest insisted on testing a little sooner than he should have, so he insisted that he get a second shot when they cooled a bit more.  Yes, we'll go with that logic because it obviously meant these cookies were worth going back for another taste.

The best part about these cookies is that if you keep them in a tightly sealed plastic container, they will STAY SOFT for days!  Yes, you read that right!  I have made cookies that are perfect out of the oven, and then ok on day 2... but, by day 3 they are hard as rocks.  These cookies are quite the opposite, which does make them a bit dangerous for those who might be wanting to keep their calorie counts within a certain range.  So, perhaps store them on a high shelf so it takes a bit of effort to enjoy one.

The link above is to the original site where the recipe can be found in its entirety.  You may want to browse the blog as well... while it is filled with treats to bake, there are also some delicious looking dinner time recipes as well.  I'll be heading back over to add to my Pinterest boards so I can include them in future meal plans!

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Joanne said…
Malt and chocolate paired together is always a good thing! I'm sure your boys are happy to see these in their lunch boxes!

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