Raft Trip on the Delaware River

This summer we've tried to add some fun day trips to our weekends and I'm going to be sharing some of the highlights in some of my upcoming posts.  It's all about finding fun things to do as a family!

Something new for us was heading off to Pennsylvania to try rafting on the Delaware River.

The day we decided to give this a try, it was absolutely gorgeous out!  We had just broken out of a heatwave and perfect weather had arrived.  We had a day with no plans on the horizon, and My Husband suggested going canoeing... after a bit of checking, we decided on rafting so that the four of us could be together (and if Our Boys didn't feel like paddling, we'd have 2 adults to handle the work).


We found Kittatinny Canoes on-line and found out they had several options for taking a trip down the river.  They offer a few different trip options, and we went with the 6 mile trip that was expected to take about 2.5 to 3 hours.

It is a beautiful trip on the river and there were several places to stop along the way.  Our Boys enjoyed dipping into the water to swim.  The rapids we experienced were all pretty mild and a great introduction to rafting.  The river current didn't require a huge amount of work on our part to keep us going along.


We had such a nice time on our trip, that when Our Nephew was visiting the following weekend My Husband and the boys decided that another trip should be planned.  This time, things were a bit different... the river level was lower, due to the dam being opened to lower the level (we didn't know this ahead of time).  So, it required a bit more work to get down the river.

In spite of that, they all had a nice time enjoying being together on the river on a beautiful day.  We had packed a cooler with sub sandwiches and an assortment of munches and lots of bottles of water.  We'd also recommend taking a couple of towels and even a couple of dry t-shirts for when you come off of the river.  One more thing to remember... a first aid kit.  This came in handy on the second trip because My Youngest ended up with a cut on his foot from one of the rocks he slipped on when they were stopped for a bit.  Needless to say, next summer we'll be purchasing some "water shoes" for the boys so that they will have more protection when we go rafting.  As with any outdoor activity, it's ideal to be a "boy scout" and always be prepared!

I have no doubt that we will be heading back out to do another rafting trip with Kittatinny Canoes.  Eventually, we'll work up to canoes, once we know that both boys will be willing to paddle the whole way.  Although... I really did enjoy having us all together on the same raft!  There's nothing quite like spending a day away from technology and enjoying the great outdoors and working together to do something fun.  That's how memories are made... and little trips like these are what makes summer so much fun!

If you make a summer bucket list each year, I'd definitely recommend adding a rafting trip to your list next year (or if you are like us and school doesn't start for a few more weeks... do it while you still can this year!).

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