Annual Fishing Trip to Gananoque, Canada

As My Boys get older, I see such amazing things in each of them.  It doesn't happen every single day, mind you... but, often when we are out of our normal routine.

The last few years, we have been making the trip to Gananoque Lake in Canada for a fishing trip with My In-Laws.  It's a short trip and filled with food and lots of new experiences.

As we were braving the elements this trip, I could see that both of My Boys were still finding a way to enjoy themselves... even with a steady rain and even some snowflakes falling while we were on the boat on Friday.  Thankfully, each day the weather got a little bit better.

When we were packing for the trip, we knew that it was going to be a bit chilly and possibly rain a little bit... needless to say, the steady rain and much colder than expected temperature on Friday had a us wishing we'd packed the thermal underwear!

I'm so lucky to have these boys... Such good kids who make the best of everything.  #kidsofinstagramMy Youngest tends to pack a lot of 'little' things to bring whenever we go away... this time, he had brought a pair of gloves 'just in case'.  Needless to say he had warm hands while the rest of us were shoving ours into our pockets whenever we could.  Since he was opting not to fish, he offered up his gloves to his brother... who kept offering up things he could do for him later.  My Youngest said he didn't need anything in return... just use them.   And so it went... they traded them back and forth so that they could both have warm hands.

This 'giving to be nice thing' is something I've seen on occasion, but it was so much more apparent this time.  It really made my heart warm and happy.

Little things like that are just what we hope will happen when we send them out into the world. And are a bonus when they are being generous with their own siblings.

Then, there are the moments when they let you know that they still enjoy hanging out with you and just being silly.  We had one evening where it was just me and My Boys for a couple of hours and as we snuggled under a blanket and hung out... we were listening to music and just kidding around.  Lots of giggles and smiles and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend that evening!

While the weather might not have been all we had hoped for, our annual trip has become something that all of us look forward to for so many reasons.

Fishing in Canada
Everyone enjoys catching a few fish... from the boat we hope to catch a few Northern Pike or Perch and from the dock it's Sunnies.  Our Oldest has gotten quite comfortable taking hooks out of the smaller fish, but we leave getting the hooks out of the Pike to our wonderful guide, Terry.

It's literally a time to unplug for us... since we are in Canada, our data plan and phone service is more expensive if we leave our phones on... so, off they go while we are away.

Being outdoors in nature... Terry's wife, Kim, is such a love and we love that she joins us for our shore dinners.  When Our Boys beg to go on a hike, so obliges with a smile.   They learn so much from her since she has a fantastic knowledge of the plants and animals that are in that area.

Let's not forget that this is my kind of camping... we stay in cabins at Tedford's and I especially enjoy the fact that we are in cabins that have heat (and air conditioning when the weather is more summer-like).  The home cooked breakfast each morning really gets us off to a great start each day.

Finally, there's the food!  We look forward to the shore dinners that Terry prepares for us each year.  You can get a glimpse into the incredible food we enjoy in my previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

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