Home Sweet Home!

Where oh where have I been?  Well, here are some photos to show you the fun-filled vacation we took last week!  I'll be posting about the places and restaurants we ate at very soon... but, wanted to share a few photos from our vacation in Florida!

We decided to drive to Florida, so having just arrived home today... it's time for some relaxation before the work and school week begin for us tomorrow!

I promise new posts this week to share not only bits of our trip but a few other things that I've had scheduled for a bit!  Stay tuned!

These pictures are all from my phone... I have  TON to edit from the 2 cameras that we took with us...

A day at Magic Kingdom!  Thank goodness we bought those mister fans... they came in handy during our week in Florida!

Beautiful sunset view from the pool at the hotel we were staying at... 

Smile for dad!
Smile for dad!  The start of a day at Epcot.

A quick game of checkers this morning.
Gotta love giant checkers set up for playing at Cracker Barrel.

It was the Garden and Flower show at Epcot during our visit.

Legoland!  More to come on this fun amusement park!

Fun at breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning.  Nothing like a frustrating game to start the day!
Another breakfast at Cracker Barrel meant figuring out if Our Boys could beat their scores on this old fashioned game full of frustration!

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