Passover Begins March 25th - Are you Ready? (Manischewitz Chocolate Walnut Biscotti)

Every year, Passover seems to sneak right up on me... and this year it's a bit earlier.  When I received an email from the lovely people at Manischewitz asking if I'd like to try some of their new Kosher for Passover products, it was an easy "yes" and it got me thinking about preparing for the holiday sooner than I usually do.

As Passover approaches, I begin thinking about my meal plans for that week because we don't eat any leavened breads, pasta, rice and a number of other foods that are not Kosher for Passover.  Since I need to be more conscious of what we will be eating during this holiday, it does take some advance planning.

It's a good thing we all enjoy a nice bowl of matzah ball soup - and I keep a big container of the Manischewitz matzah meal in my cabinet not only for Passover but, to use throughout the year.  I also need to keep some Matzah Cake Meal for baking.  Needless to say, my cabinet has an assortment of their products at this time of the year.

I am always looking for tasty snacks to nibble on during Passover, and Manischewitz has even more to choose from this year.  Not only are they all Kosher for Passover, but they have also developed a line of Gluten-Free products - while there is no one in my immediate family with a need for Gluten-Free foods - I was happy to sample to see if they tasted as good as their products that do contain gluten.


The Chocolate Walnut Biscotti has an intense chocolate flavor that you notice the moment you open the box.  They are nice and crisp and will cure that chocolate craving during Passover.   You could serve these along side a nice fruit platter after dinner throughout the holiday.  They would also make a nice late day snack with a cup of hot tea.

One of their new Gluten-Free products is their Almond Butter.  It doesn't require refrigeration, but does need a really good stir before using it.  It's thick and creamy - a nice compliment to a piece of matzah if enjoying during Passover, or as a topper to warm waffles at other times of the year.

These days, there are many products to help make Passover tasty and for those who have special dietary needs.

Later this week, I'll be sharing some of my favorite Passover dishes - so stay tuned!

Note:  While I did receive product samples to enjoy, all opinions are my own.

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