Braised Short Ribs to Warm the Tummy

All too often, I look forward to the weekend so that I can do some cooking and we end up eating out for dinner or whatever.  This weekend, for various reasons, we were home on Saturday.  With the chilly weather and brutal winds blowing, the idea of dining out didn't even enter my mind.

I had picked up some beef short ribs and wanted to braise them.  I made them this way last winter adapting a Bon Appetit recipe.  They were pretty unbelievable, and yet... today, I opted to give a different recipe a try.

This recipe was a bit different in that it suggested the use of either white or red wine... I can't see using white wine in this dish as it's just not rich enough to complement the beef.


Another difference was that this recipe called for either chicken or beef broth.  I think that may be to make it simpler for someone to use whatever them have on hand... but, I really do think that a rich beef broth is the way to go in this type of dish.

I've tried a few other recipes from Pioneer Woman before and this dish was good, and very easy to prepare.  But, if I'm comparing the two recipes... I'd go with the first one I made because I think the overall flavor was much deeper.

My Husband and My Oldest both enjoyed the dish... My Youngest was not a fan at all (but, then he's not crazy about these type of meals anyway).  I did enjoy it and it was certainly a good choice for today.  I made creamy mashed potatoes to serve it over... and with just a bit of cream cheese added to them, they were the creamiest they've ever been.

I had a friend suggest another recipe that she now prefers for braised short ribs by Anne Burrell... so, I may have to give that one a try soon so that I can compare that one to what is currently my favorite.

If you'd like to give the PW recipe a try, you can find the full recipe HERE.   The link earlier in the post is to the recipe I made previously that was pretty amazing... and, next I'll be trying THIS recipe that my friend recommended.  She tells me that the veggie paste that you make as part of the process adds a nice flavor to the sauce... so, we'll be having braised short ribs again very soon!

Now... what should I do with my leftover mashed potatoes?  Any suggestions?

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