'Tis the Season to Give... Back #HormelFamily

The holidays are upon us and shopping is in full swing... planning cookie baskets to give as gifts to friends, wrapping gifts and sending cards to family and friends across the country

With all of this craziness, it can be hard to remember that there are many families in need at this time of year.  Parents who might not be able to purchase even a few things from the "wish list" that their children have compiled.  Being a blogger for #HormelFamily, this month they asked us how we plan to give back during this season of giving.

A month or so back, I mentioned to My Boys that Hanukkah this year is not going to be as much about them receiving gifts (yes, they will receive gifts, but thankfully their lists were limited to only those few things they truly want), but more about the act of giving.

To help them feel the joy of giving to others, I picked up a couple of "angel" cards from work.  I'm sure you've seen versions of this done at the local mall or where you worship.   Families in need share one or two items that would help make their holiday season a little brighter.

We'll be shopping for 2 boys fairly close to our boys ages this weekend.  The gifts cannot be wrapped, and must be brand new.  Both of My Boys are very excited to be participating and will also purchase a couple of new toys to donate to our temple religious school as well.


I'm also an advocate of programs that help feed families and children.  Back in October, we joined my company's volunteer effort at a local food pantry.  We spent several hours sorting food and helping reorganize where needed.  While we were doing this, there were families visiting the "shopping" area of the food pantry.  One of the amazing things that our local food pantry does is that it allows those in need to select what they know their family will eat, while having a staff member or trained volunteer assist to encourage healthy selections.  Not only did we help the food pantry get some work done, it also allowed Our Boys to get a first hand look at how the food that we donate is used to help others.

I was pleased to see that a company like Hormel also supports feeding families.  According to their website, they have supported Feeding America through cash and in-kind (actual food) donations.

How will you incorporate giving during this holiday season?  Will you volunteer time as a family at a local soup kitchen?  Package up clothes and old toys to be donated to charities in need?  I'd love to hear more about how others give back.

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