#HormelFamily - Breakfast Fuels the Day

Every morning, I have a bit of a schedule as to what time we must be downstairs and eating breakfast.  We stick fairly close to it on week days and it's something I think is really important to my growing boys... they need something to power them through until their lunch time.

When I got this month's theme from #HormelFamily and saw that it was Better Breakfast month (you can find out more at the BetterBreakfast.org website), I thought it was time to maybe think beyond the cereal box.

I know from my own experience that starting off the day with breakfast makes it so much easier for me to function and keep going throughout the morning.  By adding some protein to my breakfast, I don't feel the need to munch mid-morning.

Hormel has some nice convenience products to help get a quick and fun breakfast into the family before heading out the door.  Everything from pre-cooked bacon to pepperoni mini's (pizza scramble, anyone?) to make it interesting and delicious!

#HormelFamily Breakfast

This was a new product for me... I've always made bacon either stove-top by frying it up or in the oven... which, we all know takes time.  The smell of bacon cooking is hard to resist and everyone will come running to the table... but, with this fully cooked bacon, you can get similar results and it takes less than a minute in the microwave.

Within 10 minutes (at the most), you can have eggs scrambled and ready to go into warmed tortillas with bacon and shredded cheese.  This is a stick-to-your-ribs kind of breakfast, without requiring you to get up any earlier.

Another added bonus?  By making a breakfast burrito at home, you can experiment with other fillings such as sliced avocado, diced tomatoes, mushrooms or spinach... the list is really limitless!  Get the kids involved and before you know it, they will be trying some new combinations!

If a breakfast burrito isn't your thing... perhaps for those who aren't real "breakfast people", scrambling some eggs with some mini turkey pepperoni... then, add some diced tomatoe and shredded mozzarella.  It's like having the flavor of pizza for breakfast!

Omelets are relatively easy to make and tossing in some diced ham, shredded cheese and mushrooms would please the masses at your kitchen table.

I'd love to know... how often do you eat breakfast?  Everyday.... never?  What are your kids' favorite dishes to have for breakfast?  I'm always looking for new ideas, so please do share!

Note: This is not a sponsored or paid post. I did receive product samples from Hormel as a particpatig blogger in the Hormel Extended Family Blogger program. All opinions are my own.
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