Frozen Treat Social - Ice Cream Memories

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I know summer is slowly leaving us... but, the nice thing about September is that we get to experience some remnants of summer warmth... a nice warm day in the upper 80's will have My Boys thinking shorts are a better choice than jeans for school.  So, with that in mind, I'd like you to join in on a Frozen Treat Social Sweepstakes (the link will take you to the Facebook page where the sweepstakes is being held).

Summer and frozen treats are all part of the memories many of us have from childhood (and even as adults!).  I am not one to save ice cream for the warm months though... even in the cold months of Winter, I can be (easily) convinced that dessert should be creamy ice cream!

While I was always one to go running to My Mom to ask for money for the ice cream truck when it would happen to make it to our neighborhood (we lived on a dead end street, so I don't think they ventured down our block very often) that's not what I think of when I am enjoying a frozen treat...  my fondest memories when it comes to ice cream are those shared with My Dad. 

I've mentioned before that our nightly dish of ice cream is something I think of every time I indulge these days.  In a way, I think when I stop and enjoy my favorite frozen treat... I'm still sharing it with My Dad.  He's been gone for 11 years and I find that he pops into my head at the most unusual times... but, especially, when I'm baking up a dessert or enjoying our favorite nightly treat!  Even though he's not physically here sharing the treat with me... he's in my heart and thoughts when I dig into my dish of ice cream.

While I do enjoy making my own ice cream, there are a few treats out there that I are worthy of grabbing when I get the chance... have you tried the new Magnum Mini Bars?  They are decadent beyond belief... but, small enough that you can enjoy the indulgence without quite as much guilt!

There are also Klondike bars... and, did you know that they have new flavor combinations that will tempt you more now than ever?  Oh, yes... not only the original vanilla covered in chocolate... or even the double chocolate flavor... but, now they have a Chocolate Choco Taco and a Peanut Butter Choco Taco... pure indulgence!

Breyer's ice cream has been a favorite of mine for years... I'm always watching for deals on it because I love the creaminess and the variety of flavors... which now include Beyer's Blasts flavors!  Nothing like ice cream swirled with bits of Reese's, Oreo's, banana split or s'mores!  I don't think any of these would last long in my freezer!

I'm a little hesitant to tell my kids that Popsicle now has Sour Patch flavor... only because I know they will want me to keep it in the freezer all the time for them AND their friends!

Updated to remove the giveaway information since it has been closed. 

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