Missing My Boys & Date Nights

Summer camp ended almost a week ago, and last Sunday we made the trip to drop Our Boys off for a few days with their grandparents.  So, one more night without the night time snuggles and a morning that is much quieter than I'm used to and we'll have our "normal" volume levels back... I can't wait to see these two faces!

Aug 4 2012-39

One really nice thing about our boys being on a vacation of their own, is that we've had some time to spend on our own... AKA: Date Nights.

We had been doing really well at planning a date night every few weeks for awhile... then, life kept getting too busy with various activities that it became much longer than it should. 

We love our family time and frequently find fun things to do together each weekend... but, there is something to be said for the time spent with the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with... you know, that person who you pledged to grow old with sitting in front porch rockers watching the world go by... well, maybe people don't do that anymore, but it sounds like a nice way to pass the time.

Date Nights... yes, they ARE necessary to remember who you are as a couple.  It's much too easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day-craziness that is life.   Some time away just to reconnect.  This week we were very lucky to have several nights - just the two of us.

What did we do?  Crazy as it sounds, one evening was spent doing a little shopping... so much easier when you don't have at least one person complaining and asking when it will be time to leave. 

Last night, we decided to go check out this dine-in movie theater.  We've been there once before, and unwinding with dinner being served to us while we enjoyed a movie on the big screen... yep, that's just what we needed.  We saw The Bourne Legacy... worth seeing on the big screen, and now I'm curious how they will bring back Jason Bourne in the next one. 

Tonight?  Well, after a trip to restock on some Penzey's spices... we stumbled upon a little Italian restaurant.  I'd love to show you pictures of our dinner... and, mine was really picture-worthy, but I opted to enjoy my dinner without taking any pictures this time.  That will just mean another trip to this little spot again on another Date Night.

We've had a nice few evenings to reconnect and miss Our Boys... I really can't wait to see them and squeeze them tomorrow!

Do you schedule regular Date Nights?

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