A Time to Read: The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie

Today I'm sharing a book I purposely got because I knew it would be a fun read for a 5 hour flight to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago.  Whenever I have to travel, I like to have a couple of books to read, and this one is usually what many would refer to as a "beach read"... which simply means, a quick and easy book to read.

Having read a few books by Jennifer Crusie in the past, I knew this latest book from her would fit my needs easily.

The Cinderella Deal was a fun read to take along on vacation.  It's got humor and a little bit of "drama" going on... there is the conflict between the guy and the woman who don't really think they like each other.

Linc is a professor who likes order in his world, Daisy is a free-spirit who paints intricate paintings and is a story-teller. These two people would not be who you would envision as a couple...

One little white lie when Linc is interviewing for a new job causes him to go in search of someone who can pretend to be his fiance.  Daisy is in financial trouble and loves to tell stories, so a deal is made.  She goes with him on what is his "final" interview at the college.  They agree that this is a 24 hour deal until... his new boss demands that he bring her to town and let them host the wedding.

Two people who can barely stand each other, end up getting married and living in the same house.  What Linc finds out is that perhaps a little less control and a little more "color" is what he needs in his life.  Daisy ends up making a big difference in his world.

This was a really fun book to read and a perfect way to pass the time during our flight.

Have you read anything fun lately?  I'd love to add more books to my list!

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