Gratitude and a Red, White & Blueberry Trifle (Recipe)

My Youngest had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and has received a number of gifts.  We've been slowly working on getting thank you cards written out... it's a slow process, but something I feel is important to do.

I know alot of people will go with an email or a quick phone call to say thank you when they have received a gift... and you would think that after writing a ton of thank you notes over the years, I'd be ready to move to a less "old school" method of saying thank you.

The reason I don't allow My Boys to do that is because the act of writing a quick note is not something they will have many opportunities to do with technology going at the pace it is these days.  Between emails and texting I want to make sure they have the ability to hand-write a note of thanks for receiving something or perhaps for some kindness that they have been lucky enough to receive.
I wonder how many other people still pick up the packets of note cards to send a hand-written note to say thank you or even a 'snail mail' hello to a friend.  I know I love receiving something in the mail that is unexpected from a friend... a funny card or note just to say hi will often put a smile on my face after a long day at work.  I think I'll even put a few into the mail to surprise a few friends over the coming weeks.
I'd love to hear if those of you who stop by my little space here also like to send the occasional hand-written note... do you have some favorite note cards that you keep on hand? 

I also have a really pretty dessert to share today!


We had the pleasure of having some family stay with us for 4th of July and we hosted a barbeque as well... and, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to make a dessert that was red, white & blue!

I found this gorgeous dessert over at skinnytaste (click here for the recipe) - and she has all of the nutrition details and Weight Watchers points info on the recipe. 

Trifles are a fantastic summer dessert!  You can keep it super simple and purchase a pre-baked angel food cake or a pound cake (that's what I used).  Then, it's really all about layering the ingredients so that you achieve the desired look.

The cream filling was really simple and soooooo fabulous!  I loved the combination of white chocolate pudding with the whipped topping.  I would love to find another use for the remaining can of sweetened condensed fat-free milk... the recipe calls for 6 tablespoons, but that leaves a pretty good portion of the can left over... anyone have suggestions on how to use the rest of it?

This dessert was a huge hit at our family barbeque... and you could vary the berries used according to what's available and in season. 

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