A Birthday, An Anniversary and a Fabulous Party (Hyatt Regency, Jersey City)

Last week, we had a family party to celebrate two people that we all love.  Our Aunt and Uncle were celebrating their 40th anniversary and her 80th birthday.  So, the festivities had to include some amazing food and the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City's restaurant - Vu provided the ideal place to celebrate.

The back-drop to our evening was the NYC skyline, which was absolutely gorgeous!

We began the evening in our cousin's suite and the assortment of nibbles was perfect - Shrimp Cocktail Shooters, Caviar (My Oldest discovered a love of this delicacy that night), and a simply amazing cheese tray with cheeses from Murray's Cheese in NYC (if you get a chance to visit there, you will be impressed by the wide selection).



The meal began with a choice of two appetizers - the bacon wrapped scallops or the pickled asparagus topped with poached quail eggs.



Next, was this gorgeous salad, that was on top of a crisp baguette.


The main dish selections were Prime Rib, Skate served over baby bok choy and Pan Seared Halibut with a shallot confit. 




You would think after all of those fabulous dishes that would be enough, right?  Well, there was still dessert to come!  A beautiful tray of pastries was served, as well as, a cake from The Cake Boss.


June 2 2012-23

The food was as amazing as it looked... each and every dish was plated beautifully, the service was truly top notch which made this special celebration a night we will all remember. 

It was such a pleasure to have family members fly in to make this even more special (you know who you are!) so that we could catch up in person, something we don't get to do often enough.  And, no one seemed too bothered by my need to photograph every dish before it was touched! 

We don't often find ourselves over in Jersey City but, after taking in the gorgeous view and the phenomenal food at Vu, I'd go back to indulge again. 

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

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Emily said…
Those shrimp cocktail shooters look soo good! I'm a big fan of Murray's Cheese too =)
I have to say that nothing I ate this past weekend looked as good as that. Appetizers are my favorite.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful celebration! It's so fun to have parties like this. Looks like it was an amazing time!!

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