Baking up some Bananas (Chocolate Banana Marble Bread)

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating a birthday and an anniversary with family and I will be sharing more on that later this week... but, having a chance to talk and catch up (in person) with everyone allowed me to hear that there are a few of them that do check in here and have missed my regular posts.  That was a bit of a boost for me to hear that, so after I got home on Sunday I got busy doing a bit of baking.

My Youngest needed treats to bring in to school today to celebrate his summer birthday at school (it falls a few days after the end of school here, so he never gets to do it on his actual birthday).  He chose those fabulous Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies I made not too long ago... and, it was a bit of a surprise when one of his friends was asking me for my blog name so he could get the recipe for his mom... since I did not post the recipe I'm going to share a link to Joanne's blog, Eats Well with Others, since she did post the recipe recently

I've already shared those brownies... so, I needed something new to bake.  Off to do a search to help me use up the very ripe bananas I had and luckily, Sarah's Cucina Bella had posted some fabulous Chocolate Banana Marble Bread that her kids raved about.  The search stopped right there.. and assembling the ingredients began!


I am not kidding when I tell you that this recipe was a snap to mix and get into the oven... and I love that chocolate center that happens as the bread bakes.  I did run my knife through a few times, but for some reason my marbling technique doesn't always result in those lovely bits throughout the breads... something to work on as I will be making this bread again.

It's a very moist bread, with plenty of banana flavor... which, is complemented by the chocolate.   It is amazing while still warm from the oven, but even better is that it remains moist and not too "crumby" the next day.  I like my quick breads to hold together, unless I'm making a crumb-style cake or muffin.

 Now, the real test is what My Oldest says about a bread... and this one received VERY high ratings!  I will be making multiple batches because I have even more ripe bananas begging to be made into some delicious bread... or perhaps a smoothie or two...

What are your favorite ways to use up ripe bananas? 

The link above will take you to Sarah's website where the complete recipe is available... check it out, she shares some pretty delicious photos, too!

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Sarah Caron said…
Oooh! I am so glad everyone enjoyed it. I have been squirreling away a few bananas for banana bread too.
Joanne said…
Thanks for the link love! Those brownies were AMAZING.

I need to try this banana bread! There's always room for another one in my life.
Barbara Bakes said…
How fun to have a chocolate swirl in banana bread. Banana muffins are usually are go to recipe when we have brown bananas.

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