Passover, Matzahbrei and Family

We had another wonderful family gathering for Passover Seder last Friday night.  We always look forward to the holidays that bring us all together.  It's a set time that we know we'll all make sure to put on our calendars... I'm hoping to schedule more gatherings throughout the year, because I know how much Our Boys enjoy it and I want them to have lots of memories of everyone in our family.


As we continue through our week of matzah-love and saying no to bread and pasta (to name only a couple items not allowed during Passover), it's a time for my My Husband making Matzahbrei for us!

He makes the savory version which is hard to resist... the sauteed onions mixed with the softened matzah and eggs... all cooked up to a delicious meal, how could we not ask for seconds when offerred?


I've written about our favorite matzahbrei before, and I wanted to share it again now because My Boys got a little lesson tonight on making it. 

I had asked on my Facebook page and Twitter what recipes people would like to make sure their kids learn either from them or another beloved family member... and this post as the prompt for that question.  I don't make the matzahbrei in our house... it's all My Husband.  I want both of Our Boys to learn how to make it so that they can carry this on one day when they are on their own. 

It's as much about them knowing how to cook and take care of themselves as young men (one day... not just yet, thankfully), but also to share with their own families as a tradition carried on from their Dad.


My Youngest got a lesson in whisking eggs, which was then followed by a request to crush the eggshells in the disposal... he's a boy, what did you expect?

After moistening the matzah in water and draining it very quickly, My Husband explained why he was moving so fast... if you let the water stay on the matzah too long, you will have soggy matzahbrei without a little bit of crunch to it when it's done. 

Next, he added the whisked eggs and showed that sometimes you just have to use the two tools you were born with - your hands.  Sometimes it's just easier to get your hands dirty when you are cooking.


Once it's all cooked up, we give it a quick sprinkle of salt and dig in... It's one of the best ways to enjoy matzah this time of year.  I even buy a few extra boxes of matzah to have on hand for when the craving hits during the year. 

After a few more lessons, I am sure My Boys will be able to make this one with only a little supervision... perhaps before I know it, they will be making it for us when the craving hits.

There are many more things I want to make sure they know how to make on their own and from scratch and will continue to have them help in the kitchen so that it becomes natural for them. 

They seem determined to continue to grow up and time is flying by faster than I'd like... so, I need to continue to savor these moments when they are willing to help in the kitchen or even out in the yard as they did when we were planting some more forsythia along the fence last weekend.... there is going to come a time when they may not want to hear either of us give them advice (and there are already a few of those moments now) so, I'll be trying to share what I can while they are still willing to listen.

Tell me... what family recipes/dishes do you want to make sure your kids have a chance to learn from your or someone else in your family? 
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Tara Lazar said…
I don't make it every year, but I love Alice Medrich's Chocolate-Orange Passover Torte and I am passing that recipe down to my girls as our own tradition. I wasn't raised Jewish so I am having fun discovering all new recipes and teaching them to my girls. (No little boys here, sadly.) We will try your matzahbrei!
Lynda said…
I love reading about your Passover traditions Patsy. You are very wise to teach your boys not only the traditions, but to get them involved in cooking.
Our family gathered together for Easter this past Sunday, and both of my married boys brought a dish for the dinner. I am so proud that they can cook and help take care of their families. My daughter can cook very well too. It is so important. You are doing well raising your kids-they grow so quickly as you've already learned!
Joanne said…
My family's food traditions have changed a LOT throughout the years, but one that has stuck is Easter bread! I'm the one who makes it now but it just isn't easter without it! Love that you're passing on these food traditions to your boys!
Happy Passover! What a nice tradition to have. It looks delicious.

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