Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies (A Pinterest Find!)

I've been spending a fair amount of my evening "downtime" on Pinterest lately.  At first, I didn't get it... as many people I've talked to have also said at first.  Once you start pinning things you like and following other people, it's fun to see what else you can find. 

To kind of justify my pinning... I thought it was time to actually make something from my new on-line collection of recipes.  I found a recipe from The Farmgirl Recipes that fit the bill... Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies.


I chose these cookies because I had all the ingredients AND My Oldest was having a play date at our house last weekend... which, usually means I'm baking cookies or something fun for them to enjoy. 

One thing that occurred to me as I was making these cookies was that there are no eggs in them... so, licking the spoon is totally ok... not that I did that (um, yeah, that totally didn't happen...), but you could let the kids enjoy a bit of cookie dough without worrying about them eating raw eggs.  I'm thinking that this might be a good recipe to incorporate into a cookie dough ice cream in the summer... my wheels are turning to figure out how to make that work!

These cookies baked up so perfectly!  I made them slightly smaller than instructed because I like to enjoy 2 cookies without the guilt of eating one really big one.  They stay soft with slightly crisp edges when stored in an airtight container... so, make sure that the other people in the house close up the container after they go looking for their sweet bite after dinner!

I did bake these at 350 instead of 325 due to the way my oven works, and was able to get fabulous results!  I will be making these cookies again and again! 

Head on over to The Farmgirl Recipes for the full recipe. 

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Joanne said…
My goal is to make one recipe from pinterest a fail. But I'm working on it. These sound super awesome! Who would have thought cream cheese could be such a secret ingredient
Leslie said…
Don't you just love pinterest!!!??! These sound scrumptious!
Unknown said…
I'm addicted to pinterest too, and I only joined liek 2 days ago. It's amazing. Those cookies look delicious :D
Anonymous said…
Oh how I love cookies and these sound so good. Love Pinterest too! I need to bake me a plate of these babies right away. Thanks for the post!

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