A 10th Birthday and Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Time keeps rolling by me at a break-neck pace!  10 years ago, I was getting used to having a sweet little baby boy.  This week, I have a 10 year old who seems to be getting taller by the moment!  I'm not that tall to begin with and the fact that he is up to my chin... well, it kinda freaks me out when I think about it for too long.

That being said, I have enjoyed watching him get so excited about this birthday.  He's been counting down to it for months.  He planned who will be invited for his movie/sleepover party (still to come this weekend) and what kind of cake he wanted. 

Now the cake is interesting... because he was looking over my shoulder when I was browsing my "food I want/need to make" board on Pinterest.  This brownie ice cream cake appealed to him right away.  I was happy to oblige because it was easy enough and I thought I could manage to decorate it close to what the photo looked like.


Now, as you can see in my photo, it's far from perfect.  But, for My Oldest it was the best cake I could've made for him.  He told me "your baking rocks"... I just love that kid!

I ran into a slight problem getting around to decorating the top as I wanted to... My Youngest was sick all weekend and I ended up working from home on Monday.  I wanted to write Happy Birthday in icing, but between taking care of his brother and getting work done... it just didn't happen.  So, I decided to use M&M's to put a great, big "10" on the cake.


Originally, he asked for the homemade cake for his "real" birthday with just us and for me to get a "store" cake for the party with his friends.  Tonight, when he was having another slice... he said this is the cake he wants to share with his friends on Friday. 

So, it looks like I'll be making another one tomorrow night... especially, because I couldn't say no to this face:

Its incredibly easy to make.  Just bake up a box of brownie mix - split the batter between 2 round cake pans.  Once cooled and removed from the pans, you add the ice cream to the middle... next time, I would line a round cake pan with wax paper and add the ice cream to it, then freeze it again.  I think having the ice cream frozen into a circle and at the thickness you want would ensure that the ice cream layer would be perfectly even throughout the cake. 

You can find the original recipe at the Bright Ideas website HERE.

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Unknown said…
Such a delicious looking cake, and it's so easy. Happy Birthday to your son.
Megan's Cookin' said…
What a fun bd cake and so easy too. I know this would be a hit in our house!
Joanne said…
Aww so cute! He looks just like you, Patsy!! I can definitely see why he chose that cake...it's a winner.
Jamie said…
What a fun cake for kids. Brownies and ice cream...you can't go wrong. Your son looks like he really likes it.

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