Eat. Live. Be. - Sidelined...

After my last Eat. Live. Be. post, I was feeling pretty good about how things were going.  Then, Saturday arrived and I had a ridiculously early hair appointment which caused me to skip the AM workout.  I went along my merry way, doing a few errands and finding some time to do some reading.  But, by that afternoon, I began to notice a slight sore throat.

Fast forward to Monday, my throat was continuing to give me grief but I went to the gym and did a light workout.  I didn't want to start my week off without getting it in after the previous week.  Needless to say, by that night I wasn't sleeping well and woke up with a stuffy nose and all the fun that comes with that.

Now, it's Thursday and I can only say I've worked out once this week.  My body has been so worn out that I just can't stay awake past 9:30 each night... so, I'm listening and obeying.  This afternoon, I started to feel the energy coming back.  My fingers are crossed that I can manage my gym workout tomorrow and perhaps get my longer treadmill workouts back on the weekend.  Please let this cold leave me as I'm really tired of it at this point!

This week's inspiration is something I've been working on for awhile.  This picture was on Pinterest and is so simple but speaks volumes in the way we talk to ourselves.  Being positive about the way we think about what we are doing - working towards a healthy lifestyle - is so important to being successful. 

So, even though I wasn't feeling well, I worked really hard at not being too disappointed with myself that I wasn't working out and rested each night as much as I needed to.  I know I could have pushed through and worked out, but I know how I am with colds... it would just develop into an infection and honestly, I just don't have time to be completely out of commission these days.

So, while this week was not what I had hoped it would be when it comes to my working out, I did what I needed to do in order to get well enough to jump back in again.  I'm looking forward to my new workout routine and making my muscles ache from working them harder. 

What will you do this week to make yourself feel good?  Check out the other Eat. Live. Be. ladies and what their current motivation/inspiration is - Cate, Sarah & Joanne.

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Joanne said…
I am really awful about not being nice to myself but that's really half the battle! The more confident and positive I am towards myself, the more inclined I am to treat my body better. Love this post! And don't get too down on yourself about not working out. It's better to take one week off and get better then possibly MORE weeks if it turned into a real infection!
Patsyk said…
Thanks, Joanne! It really bummed me out earlier in the week to be missing workouts when my calendar reminder popped up. But, I think I did the right thing by resting. Planning to ease back into it during my lunch break today and see how I do.
Beth said…
I think I've been suffering from the same cold. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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