Eat. Live. Be. (Routines are Good)

I never would have thought I'd be a morning person.  And, I am still not a jump-out-of-bed-with-a-smile-on-my-face morning person. 

But, I have noticed in the few weeks I've been getting up super early to hit the treadmill with a vengence, that I am now waking up before my alarm goes off.  Something to be said about training yourself to wake up.

That's not to say that I don't have a moment or two where I actually have to think about why I am awake and whether the nice warm bed is the place I should stay.  My motivation has been much higher this time around... and when I saw this statement, it totally fits with my current approach to starting off the day on a healthy/fit note:

I do find a bit of humor in the statement because well... if I gave myself too much time to think about why I'm waking up at that obscenely early hour, I'd just snuggle back under the covers and enjoy another hour of sleep.

What actually happens is that I pull myself out of bed and get a glass of water before hitting the treadmill at least 5 days a week.  This starts my day off on a pretty positive note... I've also noticed that by getting into this routine, I am sleeping amazingly well each night (of course, I don't last much past 10 p.m. but that's ok) and overall, I feel more positive and even a bit more energetic throughout the day.

Can't beat that, huh?  I am working towards a healthier, fitter me and it feels good.  I'm almost a full month into this new routine, and strangely... I like it. 

I'm not totally measuring my progress in pounds lost (although I am keeping an eye on that number), rather than being a slave to the scale I am going to monitor my progress by inches lost and strength gained.  As I continue with my strength work at the gym, I expect I'll be able to add heavier weights or more reps... once what I am doing gets too easy, I'll ask the trainers there to help me add something more challenging to my workout.

No food to share today, but I do have several recipes and a cookbook review to share soon... just ready to collapse after a full day that began with an early morning workout... followed by a lunchtime workout... then, the usual "2nd job" at home... dinner and helping boys with homework and studying for tests.  What a day!

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Joanne said…
Getting into a routine is DEFINITELY key to getting those workouts in! I used to be a morning worker-outer but now I blog in the mornings and work out after work/school. It's non-negotiable for me...if I don't get that workout in I feel AWFUL. And it DEFINITELY helps me sleep better!

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