All About Roasting (Basic Roast Chicken)

When it comes to the cooler months, I look forward to a slower schedule and more time on the weekends to be with My Family.  This weekend was a nice long one since it was Thanksgiving and we had more time than usual to spend together. 

Today, we went for a hike and spent 2 hours wandering through the trails. It was a really nice way to enjoy such beautiful weather in November!  It also made me feel a little less guilty about having 2 Thanksgiving celebrations- one with family and one with some blogger friends, Cate, Joanne and Sarah.  I'll share a bit more about that later this week.

Extra time with family is something I look forward to because life seems to get so busy, even when you don't think you have that much going on.  When I received a copy of All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Art, I was thrilled.  Putting dinner into the oven after a little time prepping it, means more time to snuggle with my boys!

A book filled with detailed instructions on the how AND why to do certain things before you begin putting your meal together.  There are photos of how to butterfly a chicken, carve a turkey and a host of other preparations. 

Molly Stevens doesn't just give you a recipe and send you on your way.  She tells you what to look for when purchasing your protein, whether it is beef, chicken or pork. 

Rather than just tell you to salt your chicken a full day before roasting, she tells you why and also tells you that if you don't have that kind of time how to calculate the amount of salt for a shorter period of time. 


To test out this cookbook, I chose to make a simple roast chicken.  This is not something new to me as I have done it dozens of times.  This method, however, was new to me.  I don't plan too far ahead, so salting my chicken more than a couple of hours before roasting just wasn't going to happen. 

Rather than share the full recipe, because the book is so beautiful and is a must have, I am going to share the basic method. 

Pat the chicken dry with paper towels, inside and out.  Then coat with Kosher salt, all over - even inside the cavity.  Let it sit for 1-2 hours before you want to begin roasting. 

The thing that I think really made this chicken hard to resist was the compound butter that was rubbed all over.  I took about a 1/2 stick of butter and let it get to room temperature.  Then, I added chopped sage and rosemary to it.  That mixture is then rubbed on top and under the skin of the chicken, and inside the cavity. 

No, this is not for anyone who is watching their cholesterol too closely, but if you aren't I have to tell you that the skin gets so crispy that you will be nibbling on it while carving the bird!

All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Art has recipes that range from roasted vegetables to the main course to dessert.  I've got quite a few marked to try soon such as:  Roasted Parsnips with Bacon and Rosemary, Panko Crusted Roast Cod Fillets with Horseradish and Dill and High-Heat Roasted Whole Beef Tenderloin.  Some are quick roasting techniques, while others roast slow and easy while you go off to enjoy some extra time with your family.

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman, unless otherwise noted. If you want to use something please ask first.

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Joanne said…
If I were ever planning on roasting meat again, then I know this would be a great buy! Especially after hearing how much your boys raved about the chicken!
Anonymous said…
I can never get my skin to turn out that crispy. Thanks for posting - I'll have to try your method!
This recipe looks absolutely delicious. Definitely one to share with family and friends.

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