Crispy Onion Rings at Home

One of our favorite things to order when we go out to eat is onion rings... we love the when they come in a tower at Red Robin.... or in a pile with BBQ sauce at Applebee's.  My Husband and I usually get one or two and the boys devour the rest.

We really love the crunchy coating, it's so hard to resist. 

When My Husband came across the Food Wishes food blog and more specifically the post on how to make crunchy onion rings, it was only a matter of time (a day at most) before we were making them ourselves.  Go watch the video he as on the post, once you hear the crunch of these onion rings, you'll be rushing to make them as well!

This turned out to be a team effort by 3 of us on a Sunday evening.  My Oldest and I coated the onions in the magic mixture of flour, cornstarch, potato flakes and club soda followed by panko bread crumbs.  My Husband got the oil ready and did all of the frying.

This was a pretty time-consuming project, but the results were nothing less than fantastic!  As promised by Food Wishes, these were the crispiest onion rings I could imagine making at home. 

I don't think we'll make these often, but they will make another appearance perhaps on a cold winter day when we are looking for something fun to nibble on when we don't want to venture outside.  It's a fun project that we can do together.

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I'm with you - I always have to order the onion rings! I'm the only one in my household who seems to like them, so more for me. :-) Would love to try these soon.
Jean said…
Yum. There is nothing better than onion rings!! Great recipe, thanks for sharing.
Joanne said…
I am SUCH a sucker for onion rings...more so even than french fries! These look perfectly crisped!
Shelby said…
I always love to order onion rings when we went out - and yours look like the perfect ring. Not too thick and perfect crunchiness! I will definitely give these a try sometime!
Unknown said…
Wow! These look mouthwateringly good! I tried to make onion rings the other day in a rush but they completely failed! I'll be pinching this recipe for the next time I try so thanks for sharing :)

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