Improvising and Fried Potatoes

Some days I have ideas that I want to try when it comes to making dinner.  Sometimes they work out as planned, other times I have to improvise a bit to make it work.

Tonight was one of those nights.  I had this vision of slicing up potatoes and grilling them with some olive oil and a bit of salt to season them.  It all started according to plan.

As I am going in and out to check the grill at regular intervals, I hear a voice from upstairs. 

"Mom!  I need your help."

"What do you need?"

"I've got an issue."

What on Earth could be the issue?  As it turns out in the time it took me to go upstairs and see that someone had used more toilet paper than is actually necessary, things started to go wrong on the grill.  I had to put dealing with the toilet "issue" on hold while I checked the food that was cooking away while I was away.

Once I saw how brown and crispy (aka: burnt) things were getting, I pulled all the potato slices off the grill.  It was time to rethink the potatoes. 

I decided to finish cooking the sliced potatoes on the stovetop.  With just enough olive oil in the pan to encourage some browning, they came out pretty good.  Not as crispy as potato chips would be if fried in more oil.  They still had a bit of that soft potato to them, with crispy edges.

The funny thing is that both of My Boys really enjoyed them.  Nothing too involved and it required a bit of 'thinking on my feet" to still get them on the dinner table.  I think I will attempt this again, but need to tinker with it a bit more before it becomes a full recipe that I can share.

So, tell me... what have you tried to make that required you to retool the plans while you were making it?

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Kristen said…
Ahhhh - a tissue issue :) Know those issues quite well.
I personally liked burnt grilled potatoes :)
Joanne said…
I agree with Kristen...whenever my mom made frozen french fries, my favorites were the burnt-ish ones.
Eileen said…
Hi, Cousin. That looks like I could eat a whole plate of it. I'll have to try this with a nice juicy marinated steak too or even a piece of grilled chicken.
Shelby said…
I have had to improvise when in the midst of making something and discover I don't have an ingredient that I thought I had!

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