Ellie Krieger's Sloppy Joe's

I know, I know.. I've been a very bad blogger lately... I haven't even been cooking that many interesting things lately, so you haven't been missing too much.  Hopefully, you are still here with me and will be patient as I work to get back to a regular posting routine.  If you are new here as a result of my new writing gig at Patch, then WELCOME! and, I promise to have something new to share here a couple times a week, and when I'm really inspired a bonus post or two! Ok, let's not get too crazy here considering my irratic posting the last couple of months.... but, I do have some yummy recipes planned for the next week or so, and will post them as quickly as I can! 

As I always seem to mention at this time of year, baseball has kind of taken over my evenings and weekends.  Even though we had a rain-out tonight, we still managed some hitting practice at the batting cages.  I'm even getting into the "action" as far as helping My Boys by heading out for a catch with them.  My Oldest has been learning to pitch, which has required me to learn how to squat down like a catcher in order for him to know where to throw the ball.... can you imagine the muscles I've been using to stay in that position?  Yikes!  Wonder what a static squat like that will do for my you-know-what? 

Anyway, if you are still visiting Family, Friends and Food, you are really here mostly for the food, right?  So, I won't disappoint you today!  When I was planning my shopping list for this week, I was anticipating another busy baseball week (just in case the weather forecasters were wrong - so far they are actually right) and chose some quick and easy dishes to make.  I even allowed My Family some input after I made my selections, so I had their "buy-in" with these recipes.

Tonight, we needed something filling that would satisfy some hungry boys before a hitting practice.  Ellie Krieger's Sloppy Joe's hit the table!

Sloppy Joe's

Rather than grab a can of Manwich to make your Sloppy Joe's, grab a few ingredients from the grocery store and your well-stocked pantry and you will have a healthy meal on the table in 30 minutes!  Just be ready for the messy part of these sandwiches with some napkins!

You can adjust the seasonings and flavors to your family's tastes.  You can find the full recipe at Food Network HERE

Note:  the link to Amazon will take you to the cookbook where the recipe can also be found for purchase.  If you choose to purchase through this link, I will recieve a small referral fee.

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