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My posting has been a bit sporadic lately... between the start of baseball season and Passover, I've been a bit busier and the time keeps slipping away before I realize it.  So, it's Monday again and it means it's time to share with the Eat.Live.Be. bloggers how things are going.  I'm also going to touch on the previous topics that I missed.

Two weeks ago, our healthy living group discussed supplements and why we take them.  I only take a couple of vitamins - a multi-vitamin, calcium and B-12.  The reason? Well, in spite of working on getting all my "colors" in each day, I imagine I might be missing some nutrients somewhere along the way so, a multi-vitamin should cover most of what is missing.  I take calcium because I have a small frame and am not a huge fan of drinking milk, and imagine that my yogurt and cheese intake is not quite enough to ensure my bones are strong.  Finally, B-12 because I discovered last year that I was slightly deficient in that vitamin through routine bloodwork.  After getting injections for a few months, I am now just taking supplements.

Last week, it was all about our playlist.  You know, the music that keeps us moving during our workout even when we think we can't take another step.  When listening for enjoyment, I love a variety of music... but, when I am running, I prefer up-beat, dance music to keep me moving.  I love music from Pink, Katy Perry, Madonna, Britney Spears (say what you want about her, the music is great to workout to!) and even some AC/DC just for fun.  I have a few different playlists set-up in my iPod so I can switch things up depending on my mood.

This week, we are supposed to share what we can't live without as we continue to achieve these healthy goals.  What is it that I can't live without?  Breakfast.  Plain and simple.  I don't always get to eat it before I leave for work, but I have something every morning.  Some days, when I have the time I will do a simple scrambled egg with a piece of toast.  On other days, I have my single serving of Honey Nut Cheerios with sliced banana.  If I opt for the cereal, then I usually need a mid-morning snack such as yogurt to tide me over until lunchtime.  If I have protein with my breakfast, I tend to last a bit longer and don't end up with any hunger pangs until lunchtime arrives.

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Joanne said…
awesome catch-up post! I totally rock out to pop music when I'm working out! Sometimes Britney is the only one who can get the blood flowing :P

And yes, B12 is SUPER important so you do NOT want to be deficient in it!

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