Cooking Challenge: Shrimp and Crab Souffles

It's been awhile since my last Cooking Challenge post and I'm so glad that My Husbad encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone again.  I had gotten into a cooking rut... yes, even food bloggers get into cooking ruts.  You know what happens, life gets busy so you keep going back to your quickest and simplest dinner plans.  We were all getting bored and I wasn't inspired to cook much anymore.

One of the things I love about My Husband is that he really "gets" that I enjoy cooking and need to challenge myself with new recipes and techniques.  I've had a stressful few weeks at work and when you throw the kids Spring baseball schedule into the mix and it was clear I needed something to help me wind down.  Those of you who enjoy cooking know what I am talking about.  Time in the kitchen, reading a recipe and pulling it all together to make a delicious meal. 

When My Husband started looking up recipes on Epicurious, I knew I'd have some interesting new things to make.  The first one that we decided was worthy of making was a souffle - something I've never made before because I've always envisioned a souffle as something complicated that would be beyond my abilities.

We chose a savory souffle - Shrimp and Crab Souffles with Red Bell Pepper and Tarragon.  After reading a few reviews on the recipe, I was set to get started.  This was one of those rare times when I didn't make any changes to the recipe as it was written.  I was hesitant to make too many changes because I didn't want my souffles to fall flat.
shrimp and crab souffles
As you can see, my first souffles were a success!  There were more steps than I usually take when making many things, but I found them easy to follow.  I've always had the view that if you can read a recipe, you can cook.  I followed this recipe and even had My Oldest help me through most of the steps.  He was very excited that we were going to have crab meat in this dish.

The souffles were light and fluffy.  It also gave me a chance to use my cute little ramekins again!  Almost everyone enjoyed them... except My Youngest.  I'd say that 3 out of 4 is a winner and I will be more likely to try this again as a result.  Maybe next time, it will be a dessert!

You can find the recipe for Shrimp and Crab Souffles HERE at Epicurious.

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Shelby said…
Patsy, it looks delicious! I need a challenge! I love that your husband helped you out and encouraged you!
Kristen said…
Oh my goodness - what gorgeous souffles!
LaPhemmePhoodie said…
Congrats on your souffle success. I've yet to make them too. Maybe I'll give them a try so I can use my ramekins for something other than holding dipping sauces:)
Shaina said…
They turned out gorgeous! Love them!
Patsyk said…
Thank you for all of the nice comments! I'm so thrilled with how they turned out, that I do hope to make another version sometime soon!
Aggie said…
I have never made a souffle! These sound delicious!
Sarah Caron said…
Beautiful souffles! I love souffle, though I seldom make them. The shrimp and crab in these sound delightful.
Yummy! Just came across your wonderful blog and am a new follower!!!
- Jessica
What lovely souffles. Not an easy task!
Jamie said…
I have never attempted a souffle before. I don't even think I've eaten one before. But yours has some of my favorite foods in them...shrimp and crab. Looks delicious and great job!
Patsyk said…
Jamie - give it a try! I didn't realize how simple they are - in spite of the number of steps.
Looks great love shrimp and crab too~
Megan'sCookin' said…
I've never made a souffle either but after spending 12.95 on a chocolate one at an upscale restaurant, I need to give it a try too! Shrimp and crap sounds like a good choice and I bet it was a good recipe to start with!

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