A Touch of Sunshine in a Dessert (Fresh Fruit Tart)

 The other day, I got the baking bug.  I haven't baked anything terribly interesting in awhile, and it is something I enjoy.  I want to be able to prepare beautiful desserts to share with family and friends.  I posted a question on the Family, Friends and Food Facebook page and on Twitter asking what everyone's favorite thing to bake is and was inspired by my friend Janet (LaDue & Crew) to make a tart.

I have always loved the look of tarts... whether they are fresh fruit or full of creamy chocolate filling and sprinkled with fresh raspberries.  Then, Janet sent me a link to a tart she made last year that was stunning and had me jotting down the ingredients so that I can make my own version of it.

I did make a small change to her recipe based on what I had on hand and the time I had to spend on it.  I didn't make the pastry cream (but, do want to try it next time I make one), so I came up with a modified quick version:  instant vanilla pudding, milk and 4 ounces of reduced fat cream cheese.  I blended all of that together and spread it over the chocolate.

Since fresh fruit is not at is best this time of year, my tart was not quite as over-flowing with fruit as Janet's.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - and will be making other variations as the season brings more fabulous fruit to the market.

My In-Laws came up to visit on Sunday and this tart was the finishing touch to our meal (London broil, Roasted Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts and garlic bread).   The tart was a wonderful taste of Spring! I think next time, I'll use a pie crust rather than puff pastry to see if we how we like it that way.

What do you like to bake or would you like to learn to bake? 

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Kristen said…
That is one gorgeous, full of sunshine, tart! Love it!
LaDue & Crew said…
Wow Patsy, that makes me want some right now! You did a FAB job- its gorgeous!
Patsyk said…
Thanks, so much! I want to play around with more tarts now!
Jaime said…
I love fresh fruit tarts! yours is just lovely :)

I haven't had time to visit other blogs much lately, thanks for stopping by to say hi!
I am definitely drooling! I don’t know which I want more
Rivki Locker said…
This is SO beautiful. I tend to always bake chocolate things - chocolate muffins, chocolate cake, and of course chocolate chip cookies. When I want dessert, I usually feel like 'the real thing.' But, this tart looks VERY tempting. And so beautiful.
Megan said…
What a lovely tart and a great way to bring some Spring into our lives. I've never made them with puff pastry but what a good idea. Now I'm curious to see if you like it better with the pie crust or not. Thumbs up on the beauty!
Joanne said…
I love the idea of tarts but have to admit that I've never actually made one myself. With all this fruit, this is absolutely gorgeous!
Shelby said…
I love desserts like this Patsy! Fresh fruit always appeals to me...yummy!
Unknown said…
That tart looks beautiful, Patsy. I love fruit desserts :)

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